Skoda Octavia RS iV still to the Netherlands

The Skoda Octavia RS iV is coming to the Netherlands after all! The sporty plug-in hybrid can be ordered immediately from just above € 40,000.

For a long time it seemed that we had to go through life here in the Netherlands without the sporty top version of the Skoda Octavia. The 245 hp RS iV passed our nose, we were able to report in September. According to Skoda, there were no plans to market it here at the time. What is our surprise: he is coming now!

The Octavia RS iV draws its power from the well-known 1.4 TSI, which, together with an electric motor, provides a system power of 245 hp. The maximum torque is 250 Nm, shifting is done with the help of a six-speed DSG automatic transmission. Well-known figures? That may be true, we know them from the Volkswagen Golf GTE. In the Octavia it is good for a sprint to 100 km / h which is over in 7.3 seconds. The top speed is 225 km / h. If you prefer to use the practical advantages of a plug-in hybrid, you can travel 60 km (WLTP) completely electrically thanks to the 13 kWh battery pack.

Of course, things including 18-inch or 19-inch light metal, thicker bumper work, RS logos and extra dark tinted glass ensure that you cannot miss driving a sporty Octavia. In the interior, this is reflected in the sports seats, Alcantara trim all around, red stitching and RS logos. Furthermore, a sports suspension and sportier progressive power steering ensure that the Octavia RS also feels sharper.

Now the big question; what does all this cost in the Netherlands now? From € 42,390 you get the RS iV home as a hatchback. The Combi is available from € 43,790. You can order immediately, the first copies will be delivered in March.

More RS!

Incidentally, the plug-in hybrid RS iV is not the only RS version that Skoda has on the international menu of the Octavia. In the United Kingdom, among others, Skoda also sells a Skoda Octavia RS with 200 hp 2.0 TD and a petrol version with a 245 hp 2.0 TSI without electrical support.

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