Skoda stops sugar beets in Octavia

Skoda stops sugar beets in Octavia

Car manufacturers are massively hunting for sustainable materials to build their cars and especially the interiors of their models with. Skoda has also started experimenting and stops, among other things, material made from sugar beet in the Octavia.

Skoda, together with the Technical University of Liberec, went in search of ‘ecologically responsible’ materials that it could use in its interiors. The brand shows a cut-open Octavia to demonstrate the found materials.

Skoda and the bright minds in Liberec have been able to obtain a material from sugar beet pulp, among other things, for which a patent has now been applied for. Skoda also says it is investigating whether it can use materials obtained from grasses in its cars. The materials could be used for decorative strips and other decorative elements, among other things. In the demonstration Octavia, both the door panels and the finish of the window frames are made of a material obtained from grasses. The orange colored strips in the interior are made from the aforementioned sugar beets. Some extra information about that sugar beet paste: the beets come from Dobrovice, a village near Skoda’s headquarters in the Czech Mladá Boleslav.

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