Skoda temporarily stops delivering Octavia to customers

Skoda temporarily stops delivering the new Octavia to customers. The new Czech car suffers from the same software problem as the new Volkswagen Golf.

Volkswagen decided to temporarily stop delivering the new Golf at the end of last week. There is an error in the software of the Online Connectivity Unit (OCU). This OCU control unit must, among other things, ensure that emergency services are automatically called in the event of an accident. This system may not function properly in some cars. Skoda has stated to the German Automobilwoche that the Octavia also suffers from these software problems.

A spokesman for Skoda has told the German medium that Skoda is taking the same measures as Volkswagen has done with the Golf. This means that Skoda has also temporarily suspended the roll-out of the Octavia. According to the same German publication, Audi and Seat are currently checking whether the new A3 Sportback and Leon are also affected by the software problem. The Golf, Octavia, Leon and A3 Sportback share their technical MQB base with each other, so it is not surprising that this entire range of models suffers from the same problem.

We are still awaiting a response from the Dutch Skoda importer, although it is likely that the Octavia will not be delivered in the Netherlands until the problem has been resolved.

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