The Dutch company Loqed, which makes smart locks, has filed for bankruptcy. Read here what the consequences are for you if you have a Loqed lock or would like to purchase one, what the next steps are and the answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ).

Loqed founders Pierre and Jeroen have informed all owners of a Loqed slot by email that they have filed for bankruptcy for Loqed. According to Loqed, the market for more expensive smartlocks has proven to be too small, but according to Loqed the current locks will remain online for the time being so that you can continue to use them. But there are a few buts, as you can read below.

Existing and new locks
Existing locks remain online and new locks can still be installed according to Loqed. According to them, this is possible thanks to the LOQED Online Foundation, which has taken over the management of the platform. In consultation with the curator, it is being investigated how the platform can continue in the long term. It is also discussed whether the software can be offered open source.
In the coming weeks, Loqed will remain available for questions from current and new users. However, since LOQED will cease to exist, Loqed cannot continue to provide the usual support and warranty. Loqed, together with the curator, investigates whether there are alternative ways to provide support and guarantees. You can also visit the forum, for example, where many well-informed users help each other with questions.

Reason for disappointing sales
Over the past three years, the LOQED Touch Smart Lock has been released in the Benelux, Germany and England. But Loqed indicates that the market for smart locks in the higher segment has turned out to be smaller than Loqed had estimated, and has not grown fast enough for the company to continue to exist.
Initially, Loqed’s strategy was to develop various accessories and two smart locks for both the lower and higher segments after the release of the Touch. Due to disappointing sales results, Loqed has had to postpone these developments.


I purchased the product from LOQED less than 30 days ago, can I still return my product?
Although it is legal to return the product within 30 days, it is very unlikely that a refund can be given. We therefore advise you not to return the products to us.

I purchased my product from LOQED more than 30 days ago, can I still return it?
It is not possible to return products purchased more than 30 days ago.

My lock is defective or I have a question, where can I go?
We are trying to continue to supply parts for as long as possible, but it is not clear at this time how long we can continue to do this. If you currently have a defect, we advise you to contact us as soon as possible via the chat in the app. We will, in consultation with the curator, investigate whether the guarantee can subsequently be placed with another party.

How do I stay informed about the bankruptcy settlement?
We will keep you informed by email about the settlement of the bankruptcy.

What happens to my personal data?
Your personal data will be handled by the curator in accordance with applicable privacy legislation. You can delete the data from your account and key(s) via this link if desired.