Snapchat streak lost? This is how you get your Snap series back

A big problem among Snapchatters: your snap sequence is suddenly gone. No worries! You can reclaim a lost streak on Snapchat.

Having a sequence on Snapchat

Snapchat continues to be popular and is used by millions of people every day to send photos, videos and messages. When you send a photo or video to a friend every day and you also receive a photo or video from that same friend every day, you get a streak on Snapchat. You can recognize such a streak by the flame behind your friend’s name on Snapchat.

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Next to this flame is a number. This number represents the number of days that the streak (or snap series) has now lasted. With some friends you may already have a streak of months or even years. It is then very annoying if you forget to send a Snapchat for a day and then your snap sequence disappears. But there is good news: you may not have lost your streak on Snapchat.

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Reapply Streak on Snapchat

When you’re about to lose a streak on Snapchat, an hourglass (usually) appears next to the snap streak and threatens to disappear. To maintain a streak on Snapchat, you must send each other at least one photo or video every 24 hours. If not, you lose the sequence and have to start over.

Do you accidentally lose your streak? Fortunately, there is an easy way to request your snap sequence back. You can read how to do that below:

Lost Streak on Snapchat: Here’s how to request it again

  1. Go to Snapchat’s dedicated page to start the application;

  2. Choose ‘I lost my Snap series’;

  3. Tap ‘How do I restore my Snap Sequence?’;

  4. Enter your and your friend’s Snapchat details;

  5. Choose ‘No’ when asked if you have seen the hourglass;

  6. Briefly note in the description that your Snap sequence has disappeared;

  7. Send the request by tapping ‘Submit’.

It is important to make this request as soon as possible after your Snapchat streak has disappeared. Often you will receive an email from Snapchat within a few hours, stating that your snap sequence has been restored. So you don’t have to start all over again with the streak on Snapchat!

snap string return

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