SP kit for Seiemmezzo STR

In Moto Morini’s Seiemmezzo, the STR lost out to the SCR in terms of popularity, but that could be about to change. The Seiemmezzo STR has recently become available with an SP kit, with which the Italians have hit the nail exactly on the head, if you ask us.

Last year it secretly had our preference in the direct comparison between the STR and the SCR, but that was more because of the piece of 3 1/2 history than on the basis of the pure driving characteristics, where the SCR was just a bit flashier and turned out to be easier to steer. This easier steering was also appreciated by consumers, who often preferred the SCR to the STR.

“The Seiemmezzo SCR and Seiemmezzo STR have an eye-catching (Italian) design and are equipped with premium parts,” was our opinion last year. “The Seiemmezzo is certainly not the sportiest twin in its segment, but that’s not the point. If you are looking for something that sets you apart from the crowd and still allows you to drive in a relaxed, sporty manner, then the Seiemmezzo is really a good choice.”

That said, we wonder what our assessment would have been last year if we had pitted the SRC against this STR SP. Because we know that something like a headlight fairing can make a world of difference. The Z900RS Café is a great example of this. Technically the same as the Z900RS, but because of the headlight fairing it is a completely different motorcycle.

The beautiful headlight fairing is not the only part in the SP kit. You also get a very nice lower fairing, a higher license plate holder and a cover for the pillion seat with Moto Morini logo. Naturally sprayed in the colors of the bicycle: Starlight White, Fire Red and Smokey Anthracite. And all for a price of only 250 euros. The Seiemmezzo STR with SP kit has a consumer price of € 8,249, for the standard version it is € 7,999.

– Thanks for information from Motorfreaks.

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