Sporty Peugeot 508 plug-in seems close

Peugeot Sport gives the rumor mill a big boost by sharing more images of a sporty plug-in 508. Is the Peugeot Sport Engineered 508 really coming?

Already a year ago, Peugeot showed a pretty sporty 508 that got its power from a blown 1.6 petrol engine with 200 hp and two electric motors. All together good for roughly 400 hp in power. After that it remained silent for a long time about this concept, but in February the brand suddenly shared a number of photos of a more production-ready variant via Twitter. The French brand is now adding a little more by showing more of the sporty 508 on its own site.

Unfortunately, it is still a bit more visual material. Peugeot does not release anything concrete about it. However, it seems that it wanted to come up with news at the Geneva Motor Show, but will now take its own moment to introduce the PSE 508. So for now we have to do without further information. In the latest photos we see again a sporty dressed 508 with some subtle extra spoiler work on the front and rear bumpers, as well as special 20-inch wheels with large, poisonous green calipers behind them. The special color scheme is also present again.

Although it remains a matter of guessing what is responsible for the drive in this production-ready sporty top-508, it is clear that it will be a plug-in. Peugeot Sport may have worked on a more powerful variant of the 1.6 turbo from the existing plug-in 508. The combined capacity of the regular plug-in is 225 hp, but a power of between 250 and 300 hp seems more obvious to us lie with this PSE 508. Incidentally, the 3008 as Hybrid4 from a comparable powertrain also already 300 hp, so that should not be a problem. We wait and see.

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