Spotify will soon launch a new subscription (with these features)

Spotify is likely to launch a new subscription soon, which will have many more features than the current options. This is new in Spotify Supremium!

New Spotify subscription

Do you regularly listen to music on Spotify? Then there is good news, because the music service is working on a new subscription. In Spotify Supremium you can listen to music in the highest quality. There have been rumors for years about a new subscription to Spotify with lossless audio. These are audio files that are not compressed, so there is no loss of sound quality.

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Now audio files are made even smaller, so you don’t hear music and podcasts in the highest quality. This is no longer the case with Spotify Supremium, you get the ‘Lossless’ option for the audio quality. It is expected that lossless audio will be the most important addition to the new Spotify subscription. That’s good news, because you will soon be able to listen to your favorite music and podcast in the highest quality.

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Lossless audio is that good

Spotify currently supports files up to 320 kbps. With the introduction of lossless, this will be no less than 1411 kbps, or possibly even higher. In a leaked screenshot, Spotify even mentions 2117 kbps under ‘Lossless’, which is almost seven times higher than the current options at Spotify. Additionally, the Supremium plan reportedly supports 24-bit, 44.1 kHz. By comparison, Apple Music has 16-bit/44.1 kHz audio (CD quality), up to a maximum of 24-bit/192 kHz.

The sound quality will therefore be much better with the new Spotify subscription. It is advisable to only use Lossless for songs that you download, because it takes a lot of data to play these files. According to Spotify, you need 15.9 MB per minute to play a song with this quality. So be careful, because your mobile internet subscription can quickly expire. With the new subscription you also have the option to listen to the audio in lower quality.

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Spotify will soon launch a new subscription

Rumors have been going around for some time that Spotify is working on a lossless audio subscription, but no screenshots have been leaked before. The fact that we are now seeing the first images means that we probably won’t have to wait much longer for Spotify Supremium. Other subscription features include adjusting the speed of songs or remixing different songs.

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It is not yet known when exactly we can expect Spotify’s new subscription. The price of Spotify Supremium is also still unknown. Apple Music already has support for hi-fi audio and currently costs 10.99 euros per month. You now pay the same for an individual subscription to Spotify, so the Supremium variant will probably become even more expensive. In return you get music in the highest quality and new functions.

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