Spyker promises new revival

Just when we thought it was finally done with the Dutch Spyker, the company promises a new revival. The words are bolstered by a partnership with two big names from business and motorsport, and production of the first of three models is set to start next year.

Those who entrusted ‘Spyker’ to Google in recent weeks were mainly told many stories about bankruptcies and shady transactions. Of course, CEO Victor Muller denies most allegations, after he also showed an extremely positive side before.

Still, the Spyker adventure is far from over, according to the brand itself. Muller has signed an agreement with Boris Rotenberg and Michail Pessis, with the aim of starting the production of previously presented, but as far as is known never actually appeared models. Rotenberg is a Russian banker who has also earned a lot of money by installing gas pipelines and is known for his links with motorsport. For example, through his companies, he was one of the founders of race team SMP Racing and race car builder BR Engineering. Pessis is a business partner of Rotenberg and CEO of Milan Moraday, a company that claims to specialize in exclusive ‘design solutions’ in many areas. Pessis is also co-owner of the German R-Company, which trades in new and used cars of the more expensive type.

With the help of the investments of these gentlemen and the technical contributions of BR Engineering and SMP Racing, the production of previously promised Spyker models should be started quickly. The first of these cars, the C8 Preliator, is to be built in a new German factory from 2021. The Preliator was presented in 2017 as the successor to the Aileron, with which the car also seems to share its front.

After the Preliator it gets even more interesting, because the B6 Venator and the D8 Peking-to-Paris have to follow. The Venator is the entry-level model, a relatively affordable Spyker that may therefore also be produced in larger numbers. The Peking-to-Paris is a car that was initially presented in 2007, albeit as a twelve-cylinder D12. In the era before the Bentayga, Urus and Cullinan, this very special and exclusive SUV would have had the exclusive right, but now the high-legged one would at least enter a relatively busy part of the market.

The sale of the Spykers should start in a ‘Flagship Store’ in Monaco, followed of course by branches in other locations. We wait patiently again …

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