Suzuki develops electric dirt bike

You may like it or not, but Suzuki is also currently working on the electrification of existing models. For example, the brand from Hamamatsu has applied for a patent for an electric PowerUnit that fits into the existing bicycle part of the RM-Z crosser.

The patent, simply titled “Power Unit”, does not mention the platform on which it will be applied, nor the battery that will provide power and the power that the electric motor delivers. Instead, the patent focuses on the details of the transmission, where the final drive is lowered by a series of gears.

The advantages of this are, on the one hand, that a lower final drive ensures better acceleration. This can now also be achieved via the final drive, but the possibilities are limited. A front sprocket that is too small will cause greater wear and tear on the chain, while a rear wheel that is too large will start to eat sand on motocross bikes.

Another interesting fact is that the gearbox is designed in such a way that it can be mounted in an existing bicycle part – in any of the RM-Z models. Thanks to the gearbox, the front sprocket is in exactly the same place as on the combustion engine.

Why this is? The position of the front sprocket has a great influence on the driving behavior and the suspension and by keeping this the same, Suzuki can use the proven chassis unchanged when installing the electric drive. That saves a lot of development time and money. Of course, a battery still needs to be installed, but in terms of development that is peanuts compared to the drivetrain.

The patent does not say in which engine this electric PowerUnit will be used, but based on the drawings it is suspected that it will be an electric RM-Z. However, Suzuki has also announced an electric motorcycle for the road for 2025, probably a model similar to the Kawasaki Z e-1 and Ninja e-1. It remains to be seen whether the gearbox truck will be used in this model.

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