Suzuki introduces S-Cross Full Hybrid

Available from the second half of 2022

Suzuki S-Cross Full Hybrid 2022

Suzuki S-Cross Full Hybrid

Suzuki launches the S-Cross Full Hybrid with a new efficient powertrain and automatic gearbox as standard. The new S-Cross Full Hybrid will be available from the second half of 2022.

Compact, lightweight, powerful and economical. Like the Smart Hybrid, the new Full Hybrid powertrain has been completely developed by Suzuki. With the Full Hybrid, an electric motor works together with a 1.5 liter four-cylinder petrol engine, which can be used both as a hybrid and fully electric.


The hybrid system efficiently collects kinetic energy and generates electricity by stopping the engine and disengaging the clutch during deceleration. This increases the EV driving range. The Full Hybrid combines a 24 kW (33 hp) electric motor with a 75 kW (102 hp) 1.5 liter four-cylinder petrol engine. The combined power is 85 kW (115 hp).

While the electric motor supplies its power directly to the drive shafts, the power from the petrol engine is sent to the drive shafts via a six-speed Auto Gear Shift (AGS) automatic transmission. This allows the driver to enjoy both the instant feel of a manual gearbox and the convenience of an automatic. Here too, the electric motor is cleverly used to ensure that the shifting moment is as smooth as possible.

Second half 2022

Suzuki will supply the Full Hybrid powertrain in the new S-Cross from the second half of this year. The hybrid powertrain is already available in the Vitara. The powertrain sends the power to the front wheels as standard, but the Full Hybrid can also be optionally combined with AllGrip four-wheel drive. Prices and specifications of the S-Cross Full Hybrid will be announced at a later date.

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