Swiss luxury for everyone

Many watch enthusiasts have that one luxury watch on their wish list that is actually unattainable. Too expensive, too exclusive. Still, you don’t always have to save years for a Swiss watch. Because in the range of Techzle you will find enough special and luxurious watches to spoil yourself without having to win the lottery first.

And, whatever your budget, with the search filters on your favorite brand’s page, you can easily select by price range. Up to €500, €500 – €1000 and more. Below we have already collected a few of our favorites.

Hamilton American Classics

The origins of the Swiss watch brand Hamilton lie in the United States, where the company grew with pocket watches for the railways and military watches. This heritage is still visible in the current collection full of American classics that never go out of time. Hamilton was one of Elvis Presley’s favorite watch brands for a reason. And what was good enough for The King is certainly good enough for us!

Swiss luxury for everyone
▴Valiant €495

Photo Hamilton Jazzmaster
▴ Jazz master € 775

Photo Hamilton Khaki Pilot Schott NYC
▴Limited Edition Khaki Pilot Schott NYC €1095

Victorinox watches, stylish and indestructible

If there’s one thing Swiss watches are known for, it’s the perfect finish. Victorinox combines aesthetic design with durable quality. Because, all Victorinox watches, in all price ranges, have passed more than 100 quality tests before they are found suitable to wear on your wrist. So they are not only very beautiful, but also extremely strong.

Like Hamilton, Victorinox has a military background. Practical functionality is therefore paramount. For example, with the impressive INOX series of virtually indestructible waterproof watches.

Photo Victorinox Alliance
▴ Alliance € 425

Photo Victorinox INOX carbon
▴ INOX carbon € 795

The beautiful watches from Swarovski

Admittedly, Swarovski women’s watches are not for everyone. But for lovers of glitz and glamor they are unparalleled. Because the quality and finish of these watches is excellent. And there is a large choice of different models and colors that all have one thing in common: they are beautiful!

Photo Swarovski Dream rock
▴ Dream rock € 249

Photo Swarovski Atlantis watch
▴ Atlantis € 749

Versatile Tissot

Tissot is perhaps one of the most versatile Swiss watch brands. In addition to classic men’s and women’s watches, Tissot is best known for accurate sports chronographs. Tissot was also the first brand in the world to develop a touchscreen watch back in 1999. You will also find a wide selection of Tissot pocket watches under € 300.

Photo Tissot Tradition watch
▴ Tradition € 315

Photo Tissot Sport chic watch
▴ Sport chic € 515

Photo Tissot Powermatic 80 silicon watch
▴ Powermatic 80 silicon € 820

Back to basics with Meistersinger

Meistersinger is originally a German brand. It produces the watches with hand-wound and automatic Swiss movements entirely in Switzerland. Those watches have been completely reduced to the essentials. A single hand indicates the time, because time is relative. She’s there to be enjoyed with the right people, the right things, the right watch. The dials are very diverse with many small details. Sun-brushed dials, striped dials, raised indices. Everything to make a Meistersinger special. In any case, it is a watch that is strikingly different in all its classic modesty!

Photo Meistersinger Urban watch
▴Urban €795

Photo Meistersinger Metris watch
▴ Metris € 1490

Photo Meistersinger Perigraph watch
▴ Perigraph € 1690

Maurice Lacroix is ​​pure luxury

Maurice Lacroix is ​​one of the few independent Swiss watchmakers that still produces its own manufacture timepieces. Each Maurice Lacroix timepiece is carefully optimized and decorated before use. The finishing of these classic men’s and women’s watches is done manually because only traditional handicraft guarantees the quality desired by Maurice Lacroix. Every Maurice Lacroix watch is unique and utterly luxurious.

Photo Maurice Lacroix Eliros watch
▴ Eliros €449.95

Photo Maurice Lacroix Fiaba watch
▴ Fiaba from € 995

Photo Maurice Lacroix Aikon watch
▴ Aikon € 1590

View more Swiss watches?

In this article we have only been able to show a small selection of our offer. You can find the full range on our page about Swiss watches. The world of Swiss watches is as diverse as there are people on the planet. From sporty to classic brands. And, quality doesn’t have to be expensive. Swiss watches are already available under € 200. Really looking for a bargain? In our watch outlet you will find the best offers.


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