Tax return 2024: make sure these apps are on your iPhone

It’s time to file your tax return again. Do you do that via your iPhone? Then install these apps for filing your tax return!

File your 2024 tax return via apps

It’s March 1, so that means you can file your annual tax return again. This is done easily by most Dutch people, because nowadays a lot of data is already filled in for you. To ensure that the tax return is completed as smoothly as possible, you need to install a number of apps on your iPhone. Do you prefer to do your administration via the Mac? You will also need a number of apps. We put them together for you!


1. DigiD

If you are going to file your tax return, you will need the DigiD app anyway. This is an app from the Dutch government that allows you to log in to the tax authorities. You also need the DigiD app if you file your tax return via your Mac. The app can be installed for free in the App Store, just like all other apps for filing tax returns. You can find the DigiD app here:

2. Income tax return app

The second app is especially useful if you are going to file your tax return via your iPhone, but also works on the iPad and Mac. This application is specially designed to make your income tax return as quickly and easily as possible. You only have to follow a number of steps, with much of the information already entered in advance. Check everything carefully, so that you are sure that the information is correct.

With the government’s Income Tax Return app, you must first log in with the DigiD app, then you can immediately start entering your tax return. Are you not completely sure about some information? Then you can also close the income tax app and continue later. The information entered will then remain in the app. You download the app for free from the App Store:

tax return 2024

File your tax return via Safari

Don’t want to install a special app for filing your tax return? Then you can also go to go to the tax authorities’ website. Here too, you must first log in via the DigiD app, so make sure that the app is already on your iPhone. In some cases it is not possible to use the tax return app, in which case you will also have to rely on the tax authorities’ website.

This is the case if, for example, you have rented out your home, have a business, live abroad or have a foreign account. Read here when you have to do income tax via Safari and therefore cannot use the app. You still have some time to do that, because the income tax return can be submitted until May 1. So install the above apps before then to file your tax return!

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