Teleparty – Movie night with a thousand people

Teleparty – Movie night with a thousand people

Watching the same films with friends remotely, that is the purpose of Teleparty. This product used to be called Netflix Party, but the functionality has now been expanded to other streaming services. Watching Netflix together, or Disney+ or one of the other supported services, that’s how it works with this.

Teleparty 3.1.6


For free


Windows, macOS
8 Score 80 Rating: 80

  • Pros
  • Works very smoothly
  • Up to a thousand participants
  • Negatives
  • Does not work on mobile systems and smart TV

More than ten million people have already installed Netflix Party. The phenomenon even became a household name, people spoke of ‘social TV’. The idea is that you meet up with friends to watch the same movie together, each in their own home, at the same time (provided that everyone has an account with the streaming service in question).

Ultra HD

If you have never used Teleparty, you must download it first. The extension is free, but only works on Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. After installation, the Teleparty icon will appear in the taskbar, after which you start the streaming service.

From version 2, the name Netflix Party was replaced by Teleparty. Which makes sense, because the extension now also supports Disney+, HBO Max and Hulu. In Edge you can even watch in the highest quality: Ultra HD (4K).

The first has to start the party and operate the movie.

Start the party

Press the button Start the party and then the extension generates a unique link that you share with the other guests. You can indicate that you are the one who starts, pauses and turns off the movie. Invitees must of course also have the extension. With the link, the recipient opens his browser to the correct page.

With the chat function you can comment visible to everyone while watching. If you prefer to watch the movie without the chat window, you can set the option Show chat from.

In sync

With Teleparty you always watch in sync; so you know exactly at the same time how the film ends. Up to a thousand viewers can participate in the same session. In addition, each participant has its own (customizable) user icon.


Teleparty runs smoothly, but only runs on laptops and desktops. If you want to watch a movie or series with someone in another country, you should check whether the title is also available there. Furthermore, this is a very nice concept.

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