Temporary high discount on the iPhone 15 series during the Vodafone Runners (ADV)

Has your iPhone had its best days and is it time for a successor? Then this is the perfect time for an upgrade, because there are temporarily high discounts on the latest iPhones.

Save during Vodafone Runners

The Vodafone Runners take place several times a year and it’s that time again! This means that you get high discounts on various telephones and subscriptions. Connection costs are temporarily a thing of the past and as a Ziggo customer you benefit from even more benefits.

Until June 16th you can get the iPhone 15 series for a nice price from Vodafone. For example, choose the iPhone 15 Pro and your benefit will be up to 564 euros. This way you can get your new iPhone at a very affordable price and use Vodafone’s excellent network. You won’t miss a call or WhatsApp anymore!

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Everything you need to know about the iPhone 15 series

If you want to have the latest iPhone in your pocket, choose the iPhone 15 series. The 15 is the entry-level model. The phone runs on the same chip as the iPhone 14 Pro (Max), making the device incredibly powerful. The 15 Pro (Max) has received a completely new processor. Furthermore, the large notch has been said goodbye to: it has been replaced by the Dynamic Island.

There you can control apps that you use in the background, such as Spotify, or count down a timer while you are cooking. Furthermore, the camera has been renewed. While the predecessors still took standard photos with a maximum of 12 megapixels, the iPhone 15 devices now take photos of 48 megapixels. In addition, there is a 12 megapixel ultra-wide-angle lens for wider angles.

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The more advanced iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max also have a telephoto lens to zoom in without loss of quality. The iPhone 15 Pro can do this three times, the iPhone 15 Pro Max even five times thanks to the periscopic telephoto lens. So choose the latter if you want the best of the best.

Do you want to keep a certain app within reach? Use the action button of the Pro devices! You can set it yourself exactly what it does. Open the camera directly with the action button, so you never miss a perfect photo opportunity again. Via the Assignments app you have many more options to link to the action button, so it is even possible to switch off your smart lighting.

iPhone 15 series with a discount of up to 564 euros

During the Vodafone Runners, the iPhone 15, 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max are extra affordable. If you choose the entry-level model, you will benefit from a discount of up to 486 euros. You can get the phone with a discount of up to 269 euros in combination with a Red subscription. If you prefer the iPhone 15 Pro, your discount is up to 564 euros and up to 516 euros if the 15 Pro Max becomes your new iPhone.

If you have Ziggo internet at your address, we have even more good news. You are entitled to a customer discount. In combination with the Red subscription, this is 5 euros per month.

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Also order your Apple Watch from Vodafone

At Vodafone you are not only in the right place for an excellent connection and affordable smartphones: you can also complete your equipment with an Apple Watch. Discover how many steps you take per day or measure exactly how many calories you burn. You can see important calls and messages coming in directly on your wrist.

The Apple Watch SE is the budget-friendly option and should be chosen if you will mainly use it to receive messages and to keep track of an occasional sports session. There is also the Apple Watch Series 9, the most recent version. Are you a fanatical athlete or do you spend a lot of time outdoors? Then there is the robust Apple Watch Ultra 2 with the most extensive options, with which you can keep track of all sports and health functions.

In combination with Vodafone OneNumber, you can even leave your iPhone at home when you go for a walk or while exercising. The Watch is linked to your mobile number, eliminating the need to have a WiFi connection with your iPhone. You simply use the same data bundle.

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Another iPhone with benefits

Not only are the latest iPhones extra affordable at Vodafone during the Runners, you also get a discount on a model that we have known for some time. Ideal if you prefer to spend a little less on your new smartphone. The iPhone 13 is already a few years old, but it can easily last for years to come. You will receive up to 482 euros in savings during the Vodafone Runners.

No internet from Ziggo, but are you younger than 28? Then there is Vodafone Young for you: you get a discount of up to 7.50 euros per month until your thirtieth birthday!

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