Tesla Cybertruck in ‘production form’

Tesla Cybertruck

The Tesla Cybertruck is a downright bizarre looking vehicle, but bizarre vehicles also have to comply with the rules. That the concept car from 2019 would be slightly adjusted was therefore inevitable, and this seems to be the result.

Tesla itself does not call the Cybertruck from 2019 a concept car, but according to the rules of more traditional car brands, of course it is. The fact is that the Cybertruck was far from finished at the time, because it is not yet finished. Today we learn what the production version will look like, although it is not excluded that more changes will follow.

On a forum with the somewhat anticipatory name ‘Cybertruck Owners Club’, a fairly clear picture has emerged of a Cybertruck that differs from the herald in a number of ways. We see other wheels with high, rough tires and the car has door mirrors. That seems unnecessary now that there are also cars with cameras in that location, but in the US the traditional exterior mirror is simply mandatory for the time being. What this Cybertruck also has is a windshield wiper. What’s called: This is the longest wiper blade we’ve ever seen. Just like with older Seat models, the single copy is in rest position against the A-pillar, to operate almost the entire flat window from there.

Tesla Cybertruck

Tesla Cyber ​​Truck (2022)

Tesla Cybertruck

Tesla Cyber ​​Truck (2019)

A less noticeable change can be found in the front bumper, which appears slightly larger and has a larger cooling opening. This part also leaves more space at the top than before, for the combination of fog lamps and the side-markers that are mandatory in the US.

Otherwise, the quirky body of Tesla’s first pickup (thankfully?) remains largely intact. It is still a truck like no other, with a body built entirely from straight plates of stainless steel. In 2023, the Americans should be able to park this monster in the driveway for the first time, Europe will follow later.

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