The new M4 chip in the iPad Pro 2024 is so much faster than M3

The iPad Pro 2024 is Apple’s first device with an M4 chip, but how fast is the new processor? That’s how much faster the M4 is compared to the M3 chip.

iPad Pro 2024 has M4

It was expected that the next generation iPad Pro would be equipped with the M3 chip, which should provide better performance and higher efficiency. The M3 is based on the A17 Pro chip from the iPhone 15 Pro (Max). We previously saw the M3 chip in the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro. In benchmark tests, the M3 performs about 17 percent better than the M2 in single-core tasks and about 21 percent better in multi-core tasks.

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Yet Apple has gone one step further with this year’s most advanced iPad, because the tablet runs on the new M4 chip. This is Apple’s first device with this processor, which is incredibly powerful and advanced. We already know that the M4 chip is fifty percent faster than the M2 chip, but how does it compare to the newer M3 chip? These are the first results of the new M4 chip.

The new M4 chip in the iPad Pro 2024 is so much faster than M3

M3 vs M4

Geekbench has tested the first benchmarks of the M4, giving us a much better idea of ​​how fast the new processor actually is. The 10-core version of the M4 chip has an average single core score of 3,695. In that case, all processor cores are used to perform one task. When performing multiple tasks, the M4 chip has an average multi core score of 14,550. These are the scores of previous processors:

Processor Single core Multi-core
M4 3,695 14,550
M3 3,087 11,702
M3 Pro 3,112 15,286
M3 Max 3,128 20,957
M2 2,540 9,360
M2 Pro 2,651 14,295
M2 Max 2,802 14,800
M1 2,272 8,208
A17 Pro 2,908 7,234

Compared to the iPad Pro with M2 chip, the iPad Pro 2024 is 46 percent faster single corebee multi-core even 55 percent. If we look at the M3 chip, the M4 chip is 24 percent faster. Apple never brought this processor to the iPad, which makes the difference between the previous generation and current generation of the iPad Pro even greater. According to the first benchmarks, the M4 chip is much faster than the M3 chip.

m4 m3 chip

M4 chip coming to Macs

It is the first time that Apple has installed a completely new processor in the iPad Pro. There’s a good chance we’ll see more Apple devices with the M4 chip later this year. For example, the MacBook Pro 2024 with M4 is expected in the autumn and the Mac Studio and Mac Pro will probably also receive the new processor this year. It is still unclear whether we will also see the M4 Pro and M4 Ultra in 2024, or whether Apple will wait until next year.

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Apple has not yet revealed all the new functions of the M4 chip. When the iPad Pro 2024 was announced, it was already revealed that the M4 chip has a special section for AI tasks. Apple has not yet said what exactly is possible with this. We’ll probably see that next month, when Apple presents iPadOS 18 at WWDC. Read all the expected AI features that Apple will announce on June 10 here!

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