The Renault 19 Chamade finally really stands out – In the Wild

Rarer than hatchback

The Renault 19 Chamade finally really stands out – In the Wild

The Renault 19 was designed by grandmaster Giorgetto Giugiaro, but was certainly not his most striking creation. Certainly not the Chamade. Yet it is now quite a striking appearance.

The Renault 19 Chamade stands out nowadays, not least because the sedan in the compact middle class is a phenomenon from the past. Regardless of the shape of the body, the Renault 19 now clearly comes from a different era. We thought the R19 was an In het Wild-worthy car more than two years ago. Then we stopped at a 19 hatchback spotted by AutoWeek forum member HarmenA. Now he has come across a Chamade and it is even rarer.

Not only are you less likely to see a four-door like this than the three- or five-door 19s, but as its name suggests, it is also quite an old example. This one is from 1990 and is another five years older than the 19 that previously appeared in this section, and the name Chamade disappeared after 1992. They could be even older; After all, the 19 already appeared in 1988 and blew out 35 candles last year. Tastes differ, but the hatchback has stood the test of time better than the 19 Chamade. With its straight-forward butt that hangs a little at the back, it is easy to see that the car was mainly intended as a hatchback. Standing out was never really the real goal when you went for a 19 and certainly not with the 19 Chamade, but now that model is striking because of its rarity.

Renault 19 Chamade

Is the owner aware that he or she is driving a now fairly special appearance? It just might be possible. The sedan was purchased by the current owner at the beginning of this month and you must have a bit of a soft spot for the 19 or for old Renaults in general if you make that choice in 2024. In any case, the car still makes quite a fresh impression for its age, although the fuel filler flap is missing and it stands on wheels that are not entirely complete or original. But hey, we don’t make a fuss about that, because it’s been nice to see a Chamade like that again.

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