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These AirPods are dirt cheap (but don’t put them in your ears!)

Two AirPods for less than 50 euros is really cheap! They sound like music to your ears, but you shouldn’t put them in there. You can do this with it.

These AirPods are really cheap

AirPods for 27.32 euros each, or 49.20 euros for a pair: these are of course not real earbuds from Apple. They’re not even earplugs! It is the InnovaGoods Wireless Speaker and it is still dirt cheap with the amounts mentioned.

View the InnovaGoods wireless speaker

Nevertheless, these wireless speakers look like oversized AirPods! With dimensions of 8.5 x 22 x 8.5 cm, this is not something to put in your ears, but with a power of 5 watts it is very suitable to place on your bedside table, for example. Huge AirPods and really cheap too!

airpod dirt cheap

Multifunctional wireless speaker

In addition to the appearance of an AirPod, the InnovaGoods wireless speaker has an integrated microphone and hands-free function. It is equipped with Bluetooth 5.0 and an FM radio. It is also possible to insert a microSD card.

airpods dirt cheap

The included cables (USB, micro-USB and mini-jack) are probably not of much use (except for charging the integrated 1200 mAh battery). But this giant AirPod is very suitable as a radio and Bluetooth speaker. And did we mention that these huge AirPods are nice and cheap?

Useful eye-catcher for little money

You understand that a speaker costing less than 28 euros does not produce a thunderous sound, but compared to your old clock radio, the quality of the InnovaGoods speaker is not that bad at all. For example, it is great for podcasts. Moreover, the enormous ones are of course real eye-catchers!

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