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Every day you receive tens to hundreds of emails. Fortunately, mail programs such as Outlook include a feature that can help you manage this message flow. Avoid making your inbox a hopeless mess and use rules to find messages faster, bring important messages to your attention and automatically direct spam to the trash.

Step 1: Settings

surf to and log in with your username and password. Once you are logged in, click on the gear in the top right corner. This opens the Settings. Click on the link at the bottom View all Outlook settings. In the new window Settings choose in the left column E-mail and in the second column you can Rules Selecting. You will see a plus button there to add a new rule, and the message that you have not yet created any rules.

With the plus button you create a new message line.

Step 2: Condition

Rules are made in three steps. In the first step, you give the rule a recognizable name. Then enter the condition of the rule using the drop-down menu. That condition can be based on the sender, keywords, attachment, a word in the subject, and so on. For example, you can indicate as a condition The sender’s address contains after which you enter the address or part of the address. If you have entered a condition, you can optionally formulate a second condition below it. In this way you make two or even more conditions for the same rule, for example the address of the sender must contain “” and the urgency must be “high”.

Message rules can be completely customized by combining different conditions.

Step 3: Action

After you specify the condition (s), enter the action that Outlook should take with the mail messages that meet these conditions. You can move these messages to a specific folder, mark them in a way, delete or send them back, and more. If you are ready, click on Save. Any condition you have created can be changed later, in the same way you created it.

When you choose the option Move to, you also have to specify the destination folder.

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