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It is often wise to share a document that you have made in Word in PDF format. PDF files are primarily for viewing, not editing. A big advantage is that the PDF retains the formatting of the document, so it looks identical on every device. Word has some interesting options for creating an advanced PDF. For example, you can save a document as a PDF in Word.

Creating a PDF document from Word is very easy. All you have to do is choose the PDF format from the command’s file format list Save as† If you have chosen this format, you will see the blue link More options

The first choice you can make is how you want to optimize the PDF. go ahead Standard, the result is a full-size PDF with good image quality comparable to the original images of the Word document. That’s an excellent option if the PDF file is for printing.

A disadvantage of this choice is that the file size is larger than in the second choice Minimum size† With that option, the document is perfectly readable on a computer screen, but with photos you will notice the lower quality in the print.

If you choose Minimum size, the PDF file will be smaller.


The above option can be used in both Windows and macOS. The macOS version drops out of the options that follow. In the window in which you choose the quality, you also see the button Options† Here you can indicate whether you want to convert everything to PDF, only the current page or a specific page range.

What do you want to publish? Do you want to convert the visible document to PDF? Or do you want to produce a PDF of the document, including the markings that you or others have applied to the Word document during editing?

Here let’s convert the Word document with the marks.


If you have used the standard styles Head1, Heading 2 and so on in the Word document – ​​something we always recommend – you can have them converted as bookmarks in the PDF. This makes navigating through a bulky document easier. Finally, there is a checkbox to encrypt the PDF document with a password. If you check this, a pop-up will appear in which you type the password needed to open this PDF file.

In Word, enter the password to protect the PDF.

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