This is MG’s ID3 competitor!

This is MG’s ID3 competitor!MG teaserMG teaserMG teaserMG teaserMG teaserMG teaserMG teaserMG teaserMG teaserMG teaser

MG announces a very interesting newcomer. In the last quarter of 2022, the brand will present a new electric model with which it will target cars such as the Volkswagen ID3. AutoWeek can already show you MG’s new electro weapon from all angles.

MG is working like crazy on the road. With the electric station wagon 5 Electric, the brand supplements the European electric range this year with a unique model, but it certainly does not stop there. At the end of this year, MG will introduce a new EV aimed at the European consumer, an electric hatchback of 4.3 meters in length, which in terms of size will end up in the waters of cars such as the Volkswagen ID3.

MG teaser

MG teaser

In a teaser video (see below) MG already shows some details of the as yet unnamed newcomer. AutoWeek started digging in the databases of the various patent offices, with results. We can already show you the car from all angles!

This is MG’s ID3 competitor!

MG’s newcomer to patent image.

The new electric hatchback from MG promises to be a nice extravagant appearance. As far as design is concerned, MG is taking a completely new path with the EV, because we don’t see anything in it that we already know from the brand. Although the hatchback looks quite traditional from the side, the car attracts attention with its pronounced snout and striking rear. The EV gets a relatively dense muzzle with wide headlight units and pronounced folds in both hood and front bumper. At the rear, not only the two-piece rear spoiler, but also the lighting catches the eye. It is made up of a beam that runs over the entire butt and branches on both sides. The direction indicators are placed in the ‘ribbed’ part of the units.

If MG is able to give its electric newcomer, like the majority of its models, a competitive price, it may well become a very interesting model for the brand.

Would you prefer this new MG to an EV from the established order purely on the basis of the appearance? We are curious about your reactions!

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