This is the new old Mini Cooper C and S: with combustion engines

Smartly renewed

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Mini Cooper C

Meet what Mini calls the new Cooper C and Cooper S. According to the brand, these are the new generations of the three-door Mini hatchback with petrol engines. That is partly correct. They indeed have combustion engines and are very similar to the electric Coopers, but in fact we are dealing with expertly refreshed versions of the old model.

In September last year, Mini lifted the Cooper onto the podium. From now on, Cooper is no longer a designation, but is the model name for the three- and five-door Mini hatchbacks and the Convertible. The Mini Cooper was presented last year as Cooper E and Cooper SE: three-door hatchbacks with electric powertrains. Mini is now pulling the curtain on what it calls the new Cooper C and S. These are the models with combustion engines. Important here: in principle they are completely different cars than the electric Mini Cooper E and SE. While the electric Cooper E and SE are on a brand new EV platform that Mini developed together with the Chinese Great Wall, the new Coopers C and S – i.e. the models with combustion engines – simply build on their predecessor. With a smart new look and a new name.

Mini Cooper E and Mini Cooper S

The electric Mini Cooper (above) and the petrol version (below).

Just like the electric Coopers, the Mini Cooper C and S have the striking triangular and inward-pointing rear lights, a strip in between with the name of the version and a snout containing round viewers with the current Mini characteristic light signature. Although there are more things to point out, the Mini Cooper C and S mainly give away from the side that they are in fact thoroughly updated versions of the model presented in 2013 and now 11 years old. For example, the windscreen is less flat, the windows are not identical, the car is shorter, it clearly has the same hood as the ‘old model’ and we just see the old handles in the doors. So no semi-recessed ones, as Mini would have to adjust the entire doors for that. That is not usual – even with a major facelift like this.

Mini Cooper C

Mini Cooper C and S inside.

Mini has done very well to make the ‘old 3-door’ look like the really new electric Coopers. Not only on the outside, also on the inside. The old interior makes way for the interior that appears to be taken one-to-one from the new model. Seems, because there are differences. Just look at the door panels, they are different from those of the electric Coopers. The petrol models do get flat, wide ventilation grilles in the dashboard, the new Mini steering wheel and the striking large round infotainment screen on which the latest operating system runs.

Engines and versions

The Mini Cooper C has a 156 hp and 230 Nm strong three-cylinder engine and with that power it reaches 100 km/h in 7.7 seconds. The stronger Cooper S is equipped with a 204 hp four-cylinder. It produces 300 Nm, which means you can reach 100 km/h in 6.6 seconds. These power sources are new for the hatchbacks.

The Mini Cooper C and Cooper S will soon be available in Essential, Classic, Favored and as a sporty JCW version. But there’s more. There will be even more powerful John Cooper Works versions, but it doesn’t stop there. The five-door Hatchback and the Mini Convertible will soon be renewed in a similar manner to this three-door hatchback. At least, to a certain extent. The Mini Convertible may soon have to do without the triangular rear lights.

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