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This is what the new Suzuki Swift will be like!

Swift Concept is an extremely concrete preview

Suzuki Japan Mobility ShowSuzuki Japan Mobility ShowSuzuki Japan Mobility ShowSuzuki Japan Mobility ShowSuzuki Japan Mobility Show

Suzuki Swift Concept

The Japan Mobility Show 2023 will start in Tokyo at the end of this month and Suzuki does not want to let this car fair go unnoticed. It pulls out a bunch of conceptual kei cars, but also brings something much more important: a very production-ready preview of the new Suzuki Swift.

The Japan Mobility Show is the stage on which Suzuki will present a whole bunch of newcomers on October 26. The brand shows the previously shown eVX, gives playful previews of the new Spacia and Spacia Custom (photos 5 and 6) and looks ahead to the arrival of an electric van of kei car size. Much more important is the Suzuki Swift Concept. That’s exactly what its name suggests. Indeed, a harbinger of what the new Suzuki Swift will become.

The Suzuki Swift Concept is not an exuberant study model full of folds and lines, but a very concrete-looking model that most likely gives away more than 95 percent of what the new Suzuki Swift will be like. How do we know that for sure? We have already had the new Suzuki Swift on the site twice in a packed test suit. Everything we see in this so far single photo of the Swift Concept corresponds to what we could already see through the camouflage stickers of those test models.

Spy shots Suzuki Swift

The new Suzuki Swift has already been in the spotlight before.

Although the windows of the Swift Concept appear to be somewhat similar to those of the current Swift, everything is completely new. Take a good look at the rear side windows. The Swift Concept is immediately recognizable as a Swift, but takes a different tack from every angle. For example, the handles for the rear doors housed in the C-pillar, as the current Swift has, will no longer return. Once again, the Swift has a relatively low front, but the design is completely different. The new model has a so-called clamshellbonnet, a specimen that more or less folds down at the edges. The distance between the hood and the headlights appears to be greater than on any other generation of Swift and appears to be located quite low in the snout. The grille has become a significant size smaller than that of the current model.

The question remains whether the body of the new Swift contains a further developed version of the Heartect platform that the current series of Suzukis use, or whether the car borrows technology from Toyota. As far as we know, there will not be an electric Swift. The current Suzuki Swift was presented at the end of 2016 but only came to Europe in March 2017.

Do you think the new Suzuki Swift is a success? Let us know in the comments!

More Suzuki

Is there nothing else nice among Suzuki’s other newcomers? Certainly. Just look at the eWX (photo 3). That is a concept car that looks ahead to an already announced electric kei car. Suzuki describes the show car as a model with a friendly character. Suzuki also shows the eEvery Concept (photo 4). The Every has been a tiny commercial vehicle from Suzuki for years. You may know the model better as Carry. The eEvery will be a Suzuki brother of the already announced small electric buyers from Daihatsu and Toyota.

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