This Lexus has an oven, refrigerator and wine cabinet on board

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Lexus Monogram GX

If you, as a marketing team, are tired of the obvious collaborations with other companies, you need to come up with something new. Even if you are the marketing team at Lexus. It embraces Monogram – a manufacturer of kitchen appliances – and fills a Lexus GX with equipment that you normally rarely or never find in a car.

The Lexus GX is an SUV not available in the Netherlands that you can see as Lexus’ equivalent of the Toyota Land Cruiser Prado. The Lexus GX is less of a luxury horse than its big brother LX, but that does not bother Lexus’ marketing arm in the United States at all. It enters into a partnership with Monogram, a manufacturer of kitchen appliances, and hangs that company’s products in and on the off-roader. This produces a special result.

The first thing you notice is the rear of the creation called ‘Lexus Monogram GX’. The tailgate of the GX is normally hinged at the top, but this Monogram GX is equipped with two rear doors. Whoever opens them may have their mouths watering. You are directly looking out onto a real pizza oven, yes! On the inside of the left ‘tailgate door’ we find storage racks, and in the right one we find a pizza peel to remove your originally Italian delicacy from the oven without burning your hands. There is also something hidden behind the left third side windows. Behind it we find a storage module for wine glasses.

Anyone who sits in the back of the Lexus Monogram GX has undoubtedly brought those wine glasses inside. Between the headrests of the rear seats we find a wine cooler and between the seats themselves a real ice ball maker. It stands on top of a module that houses a refrigerator and extendable tables. Who has gotten hungry or thirsty yet?

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