This soundbar from Action is extremely cheap (and delivers good sound)

Are you still looking for a cheap soundbar? Then the Hyundai Apex soundbar from Action is a good and affordable option! We will tell you more about the soundbar.

Hyundai Apex soundbar from Action

Do you want to expand the sound of your television? Then you quickly have to rely on a soundbar, but they usually have a fairly high price. For example, you can easily pay around 800 euros for a soundbar from Sonos. Don’t want to pay so much for better sound? Then you can go to Action for only ten percent of that price! You already get the Hyandai Apex soundbar with the Action 79.95 euros.

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With a power of 80 watts and a built-in subwoofer, the soundbar delivers clear and powerful sound. This way you can watch your favorite films and TV shows at home in a completely new way. Do you often listen to music at home? Then you can easily connect your iPhone to the soundbar via Bluetooth to play your favorite songs. That’s not the only thing that’s easy, because the Action’s soundbar can be installed very quickly.

This soundbar from Action is extremely cheap (and delivers good sound)

This is how you install the soundbar

You have several options when installing the Hyundai Apex soundbar. With the slim and modern design, the soundbar will not look out of place under your television. You can therefore place the soundbar on your television cabinet without any worries. Connecting to the television (or other devices) is then done via Bluetooth, an auxiliary or HDMI cable. This way you can be sure that the soundbar can be connected to all your devices.

Is your television mounted on the wall? Then the soundbar has an extra advantage, because you have the option to hang the device on the wall. You will receive mounting material for wall mounting included with the soundbar. This way you can choose how you want to conceal the soundbar in your living room or bedroom. Once installed, operation is easy with the separate remote control.

action sound bar

Important: soundbar only available online

Action only offers the Hyundai Apex soundbar in the online store, so you don’t have to go to the store for it. You pay 5.99 euros in shipping costs via the webshop, and you will receive the soundbar within three to five working days. Are you planning to buy the speaker? Then view it via the link below in the Action webshop!

View the Action’s soundbar

Please note, because we do not know how large the stock of the soundbar is at the Action. Therefore, be quick if you want to get the Hyundai Apex soundbar for the holidays, because the device can quickly sell out. Do you want to complete the cinema experience at home? Then take a look at this cheap projector from Action, so that you are no longer limited to your television screen!

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