Thousands of motorists caught by police officers from a coach

Thousands of motorists caught by police officers from a coach

In recent months, the police have checked in a special way whether motorists are complying with the rules. Officers checked passing cars from a moving coach. The result: thousands of fines.

In recent months, the police in Brabant and Zeeland have been looking inside at unsuspecting drivers from an inconspicuous coach. In unobtrusive surveillance cars behind the coach, officers drove over drivers who pulled over if they were caught driving with a phone in hand or some other offence. In total, 3,511 fines were issued in this way in the months of September to December of last year during the fourteen enforcement days in the provinces of Brabant and Zeeland.

The vast majority were deregistered for not making hands-free calls or using a smartphone while driving. This was noted 2,707 times. In addition, the police issued fines for other violations, such as not wearing a seat belt. For example, a driver was caught writing a letter on a laptop while driving. Two people were also arrested who still had outstanding prison terms.

‘Smart cameras’

In locations where the use of the coach was not practical or possible, enforcement was carried out using a smart camera. These so-called MONOcams have been placed on viaducts above highways since September, but the police also deploy the camera within built-up areas. Software in the camera ‘recognizes’ whether drivers are holding a device.

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