Three ideas for your winter walks

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Winter walks are healthy, relaxing and show you flora and fauna from a new perspective. Here you get three ideas and other tips for a nice time in nature.

Winter walks offer you a wonderful opportunity to enjoy the cold season. Whether you are traveling alone, with family or with friends, a winter walk refreshes body and mind. White snow landscapes offer a unique environment to take a break from everyday life.

Brightness is a rare commodity in winter, so make the most of it and spend time outdoors. Dress warm enough and behave respectfully towards the dormant nature on your walk, even in winter. Due to the variety of landscapes, you will discover new things with every walk, so you never get bored.

You should pay attention to this when going for winter walks

If you are out and about on your winter walks in nature, it is important that you move around in it mindfully. Some animals hibernate in secret and must not be disturbed. However, there are also winter-active animals that you should only observe from afar. Stick to the following rules as much as possible:

  • Don’t make noise.
  • Take only the essentials with you and don’t leave any rubbish behind.
  • Stay on the marked paths and don’t take shortcuts.
  • Stay away from wild animals and plants.

Leave the place as you found it and try to consciously enjoy your winter walks. You will discover new details with every walk and thus gain valuable experience.

1. Discover the flora and fauna on winter walks

Winter walks are ideal for discovering flora and fauna from a new perspective.
(Photo: CC0 / Pixabay / barbabs)

Even if in winter it often seems as if nature stands still: Forests and other natural surroundings are still full of animals and plants. You can keep an eye out for them on your winter walks. Especially if you are traveling with children, the search for animals that are active in winter and growing plants can add excitement to the walk.

For example, these animals are winter active in the forest:

  • Squirrel
  • foxes
  • wild boars
  • deer
  • owls

In addition to the animals, there are also plants to discover. Coniferous trees are evergreen and therefore also carry their needles in winter. According to the Nabu, there are many other plants that bloom in winter. These include, for example:

  • winter snowball
  • hazel bush
  • winter jasmine
  • snowdrop

Tip: If you have a good knowledge of mushrooms, you can also collect mushrooms in winter:

In Germany you will also find beautiful winter hiking trails on lakes, rivers or the sea. Depending on where you are, you can see different animal species such as:

  • ducks, geese and swans
  • kingfishers
  • Muskrats and Weasels
  • gray heron
  • little grebe
  • seagulls by the sea

It is often quiet on water and you can recover particularly well from the fast pace of everyday life. According to psychiatrist Natasha Bijlani, the higher oxygen levels in fresh sea air promote sleep. In addition, the noise of the waves can have a very calming effect on the brain. This helps to clear your head, reduce stress levels and strengthen the immune system.

2. Combine winter walks with forest bathing

Combine winter walks with forest bathing for a mindful break.
(Photo: CC0 / Pixabay / Sonyuser)

Regular walking is healthy and can help you live longer, improve well-being and prevent diseases such as depression and dementia. Winter walks in the forest in particular have a beneficial effect.

Against the backdrop of snow-covered trees, try the Japanese natural therapy of forest bathing. It is about consciously enjoying and feeling the forest. The method is straightforward:

  • For example, sit on a bench (bring a waterproof seat pad in case it rains or snows) and take time to smell, hear and feel nature.
  • For example, you can also make physical contact with a tree: feel its bark and consciously look at the ramifications of the leafless treetop.
  • Try to walk slowly. Incorporate breathing exercises.

      3. Winter walks in cities

      In winter, snow and ice create a special atmosphere in cities.
      (Photo: CC0 / Pixabay / Leif Linding)

      Winter walks through the city center are particularly worthwhile during the Christmas season. The cities are mostly illuminated and there are Christmas markets where you can warm up with a punch.

      In every city you will discover beautiful places or sights that, unlike in summer, are not overcrowded in winter and without having to spend any money. Many cities have magnificent churches, town halls, landmarks or high vantage points that you can visit. From there, for example, there can be an impressive view of the snow-covered surroundings.

      Since the offer in cities is so diverse, you can design your winter walk individually or just spontaneously see what you discover. In many cities there are also interesting city tours in winter, where you can learn more.

      Winter walks: equipment

      During your winter walk you should not be too cold, but also not too warm.
      (Photo: CC0 / Pixabay / lukasbieri)

      As a rule, it is sufficient in Germany to go for a walk in normal winter clothing. Protect your upper body in particular from the cold, because that is where your vital organs are located. Good winter gear includes:

      • A winter jacket
      • hat, scarf and gloves
      • Waterproof winter shoes
      • Thermo underwear

      Stick to the principle of the layered look, which insulates particularly well without making you sweat. If necessary, you can simply take off a layer of clothing. More about this here: Less freezing: These simple tricks help

      Are you still looking for suitable clothing for your winter walks? In other articles you will find tips for sustainable outdoor clothing and brands that offer sustainable thermal clothing.


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