Tip: Turn off suggestions in Spotlight

By default, Siri makes some suggestions when you use Spotlight. Are you not in the mood for this? Fortunately, it is then possible to disable the Spotlight suggestions. You do that like this.

Turn off spotlight suggestions

Through suggestions in Spotlight, Apple tries to offer relevant actions and tasks. For example, if you meditate every morning via an app, you will automatically see this program in Spotlight so that you no longer have to search for it. Fortunately, it is possible to silence the suggestions.

Here’s how to turn off Spotlight Suggestions:

  1. Grab your iPhone or iPad and go to the Settings app;
  2. Scroll down and tap Siri & Search;
  3. Slide the switch at Search Suggestions so that the box turns gray;
  4. If necessary, do the same for ‘Suggestions in Search by’.
spotlight suggestions turn off iphone 2

From now on, you will no longer see recommendations in Spotlight. On closer inspection, do you find this very bald eyes? Then it is possible to get fewer suggestions. By default, Apple shows eight suggestions in Spotlight. Tap Show Less to see up to four recommended apps and actions.

It is not possible to change the content of suggestions. The recommendations are made by Siri based on your iPad or iPhone behavior. The only way to change the suggestions is to start apps less often, or change the time of use.

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Turn off Siri

Spotlight Suggestions are basically just Siri proactive actions. Apple’s assistant has gotten smarter over the years, and is incorporated into almost every element of iOS. Are you not in the mood for this? Then it is possible to delete Siri recordings. It is also possible to silence the assistant completely. Check our article on how to turn off Siri for this.

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