Triton Model H is an ambitious newcomer

A new week, a new EV. This time, the all-electric newcomer is from China, but from the United States.

Triton-EV describes itself as a new manufacturer of fully electric cars. It is part of Triton Solar, an American producer of, among other things, solar panels. Triton-EV has presented the first digital drawings of its intended firstborn: the Triton Model H.

The Triton Model H is a fully electric SUV whose design has been clearly influenced by American full-size SUVs such as the Cadillac Escalade. Although the ambitious-sounding brand does not release exact dimensions of the car, it does report that the Model H can accommodate a total of eight occupants. Count on an SUV with a length of well over 5 meters. Such a fully electric behemoth naturally needs a considerable battery pack to achieve a usable range. Therefore, Triton presses a battery pack with a capacity of 200 kWh into the bottom of the Model H. The electric SUV must therefore be able to achieve a range of ‘more than 1,125 kilometers’. Of course Triton rolls his electric muscles by reporting that the Model H will have no less than 1,500 hp thanks to four electric motors. The Model H should therefore be able to sprint to a speed of 97 km / h (60 mph) in 2.9 seconds.

The Model H can already be reserved on the Triton-EV website. The first 100 copies, should the car reach production stage, will be a special Founders Edition. Triton requests a deposit of $ 5,000. The remaining $ 135,000 the company plans to see as production of the car approaches.

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