Various traffic fines will go up considerably

Some changes are being made to the amount of traffic fines. Especially people who text behind the wheel will soon be more difficult. Notorious left-hand drivers are also presented with a higher bill. Low speed violations are, on the other hand, fined less heavily.

The Council of Ministers has approved a number of adjustments proposed by outgoing Minister Ferd Grapperhaus (Justice and Security). This means that the inflation-adjusted fine amounts for 2021 will change here and there over time. For example, the fine for texting behind the wheel will increase from € 240 to € 340. The cabinet also wants to punish other dangerous driving behavior more severely. Driving on the left unnecessarily is also more heavily penalized, as is the transport of minors without a seat belt. The fines for this will go up from € 140 to € 210. Anyone who does not give priority to, for example, an ambulance or fire engine with the flashing lights on, will risk a € 340 voucher.

The fines for minor offenses in traffic, such as exceeding the maximum speed by less than 10 kilometers per hour, will be reduced by 15 percent. There will also be a speed limit for the first 3 kilometers of speeding on highways where 130 is the limit. It was already in effect on other highways. The fines for causing unnecessary noise with a car or motorcycle and for hindering passengers when getting in and out, will be reduced from € 390 to € 240. Parking in a disabled parking space will cost € 300 instead of € 390.

Grapperhaus assumes that stricter punishment of serious road traffic offenses will improve road safety. According to him, public support is increased by fining less severe offenses. Grapperhaus also considers it important that the risk of getting caught for traffic offenders is increased. He notes that the number of arrests is steadily increasing thanks to increased police efforts. In addition, more use is made of, for example, cameras to monitor telephone use. Section controls have also been added, also on provincial roads where many accidents occur.

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