Viaplay is now cheaper: you save 40 euros per year

Viaplay, the streaming service where you can watch every Formula 1 race and the English Premier League, is again offering an annual subscription. And this makes Viaplay much cheaper than if you pay monthly.

Viaplay cheaper with annual subscription

We have good news: Viaplay again has a cheaper subscription as an option. Previously, Viaplay was only available with a monthly subscription, but now there is also an annual subscription (again). You pay the subscription in advance for a year in one go, which costs you 153.48 euros. That means you only 12.79 euros per month pays.

If you prefer a monthly subscription, you pay 15.99 euros per month. The annual subscription is therefore 20 percent cheaper. You save around 40 euros annually!

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You can watch this on Viaplay

Viaplay offer

In the Netherlands there is a huge choice of streaming services, so you will never be bored. If you are mainly interested in sports, then Viaplay is the service you should use. There you can watch live football matches of the English Premier League, but also the German Bundesliga.

If you are a darts fan, then you have come to the right place. And since 2022, Viaplay has also had the broadcasting rights of Formula 1 and next season (from March 2) you will again be able to switch to Viaplay every weekend. With a subscription to Viaplay you also get access to F1 TV Pro, where you can watch historical images and view other additional F1 images.

In addition to sports matches, you watch a lot more entertainment. Think of reality TV with recommendations like the different ones Below Deck-series or Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Drama is also well represented. For example, look at the hospital series The Good Doctorin which autistic Shaun starts working as a surgeon.

When it’s time for a movie night, there is certainly plenty of choice. You can watch many Dutch romantic comedies, but also horror films Don’t Breathe 2 or drama Miracle are recommended.

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Watch Viaplay on two screens at the same time

It is useful that you view Viaplay on two screens at the same time. For example, one person in the family watches a football match on TV, while you watch a series in the bedroom. In addition, you may log in to Viaplay on a maximum of five devices (in a 24-hour period).

It is also nice that downloading films and series is possible. This way you always have something to watch on public transport or on the plane, even if your data bundle has run out or you have no mobile network.

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