Viaplay offer: this is your last chance for a 34% discount on Formula 1

The new Formula 1 season will start in Bahrain from Friday. Are you ready? With this last chance for a Viaplay offer with a 34% discount, it certainly is.

Via play offer

Via play offer

We keep it all short and sweet. For Viaplay you normally pay 16 euros per month, but now there is a special offer that gives you a 34 percent discount. If you want to watch Formula 1, this is the easiest way to see all the races.

But, the promotion is officially only valid until yesterday (!). Fortunately, Viaplay seems to be a bit late as the action is still on. If you take out an annual subscription to Viaplay, you still only pay 10.49 euros per month. However, we have no idea how long that promotion will be online, so be quick. Because OFFLINE = OFFLINE.

Check out the ViaPlay promotion

Watch Formula 1

The first race of Formula 1 is this Sunday at 4 p.m. But from Friday you can already watch free practice and qualifying on Saturday. In addition to Formula 1, Viaplay also offers a lot of other sports, such as darts and the Premier League. Of course there are also a lot of films and series on the streaming service.

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Why an annual subscription?

You can also take out a monthly cancellable subscription with Viaplay for EUR 15.99 per month. But if you already know that you want to see all Formula 1 races, the annual subscription is simply cheaper. The season lasts 9 months. If you take out a subscription for this time, you will have lost 143.91 euros. However, you only pay 125.88 euros for the annual subscription. In those other three months there is bound to be something on Viaplay that you will also like.

After the annual subscription has ended, you automatically switch to the monthly cancellable subscription. But we expect there will be another annual subscription offer until then. So hold iPhoned closely monitor.

Quickly go to the last chance

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