Video: Does the Apple Vision Pro survive a drop test?

The Apple Vision Pro is great, but will Apple’s glasses survive a serious drop test? Became curious? See it for yourself in this video.

Does the Apple Vision Pro survive a drop test?

The Apple Vision Pro has only just been released (in America) and a video with a drop test has already been released. But will Apple’s VR glasses survive a big fall? Yes and no. Watch the video below for the complete answer!

The YouTube racket AppleTrack has purchased an Apple Vision Pro and given the glasses a thorough overhaul. In the video you not only see a drop test, but also see whether the Apple Vision Pro can withstand a heavy impact from the wall.

There is good news, because the Apple Vision Pro is quite sturdy. AppleTrack has been bumped into the wall more than twenty times with the glasses and the Vision Pro only had a few minor scuffs. Even when they hit the glasses a little harder against the wall, only minor scratches were visible on the glasses.

When the drop test started, the first drop actually went wrong. The glass front remained intact, but the right speaker was broken. Also, after a second drop test, a crack appeared in the headband near the speakers. After dropping the glasses a few more times, a crack also appeared on the other side of the strap.

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Only after the highest drop (from the ceiling) did things really go wrong and a huge crack could be seen on the screen. The glass plate also came loose. However, the cameras underneath were still fine. Also, the Apple Vision Pro still worked without any problems after the glass front was removed.

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