Volkswagen and Bosch join forces for autonomous driving

Volkswagen Bosch

The Volkswagen Group and Bosch will work together to bring the technology that makes autonomous driving possible to the market faster for ‘all segments’. The first systems from the collaboration will be implemented in 2023, which will probably also include ‘Level 3’ autonomous driving.

More precisely, the partnership has been concluded between Bosch and Cariad, the Volkswagen subsidiary involved in autonomous driving. The two companies will jointly develop a standardized software platform that the Volkswagen Group can eventually apply to all its makes and models. In addition, it is the intention that the Bosch and Cariad system can also be used under license by other car manufacturers. In addition to ‘Level 2’ autonomous driving, where the driver can only temporarily remove his hand from the steering wheel, the technology should also make ‘Level 3’ autonomous driving on the highway possible. In principle, the driver can keep his hands off the steering wheel the whole time.

The first fruits of the collaboration between Bosch and Cariad should already be implemented on the production line in 2023. It is not yet clear whether Level 3 autonomous driving is also included. Furthermore, Cariad and Bosch are also investigating the possibilities for a step higher: Level 4 autonomous driving, in which the car can also do its job in built-up areas without the driver’s intervention. In any case, Volkswagen is not the only one to enter into such partnerships, because Mercedes-Benz and Volvo are working together with the American company Luminar to make Level 3 autonomous driving possible.

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