“Volkswagen CEO Diess can stay despite criticism”

Herbert Diess Volkswagen

Herbert Diess, the CEO of the Volkswagen Group, is allowed to stay. that message Reuters. His position came under pressure – not for the first time – after a striking statement about expected significant job losses.

The struggle between Volkswagen Group CEO Herbert Diess and the company’s influential employee representation seems over, writes Reuters based on insiders. After negotiations, it was decided to keep the 63-year-old Diess, while Volkswagen CEO Ralf Brandstätter makes a step to the board of the Volkswagen Group. Brandstätter has more to say there and Diess automatically a little less. Diess would, however, still be in charge of the strategy.

Diess’ position came under pressure when he warned two months ago that 30,000 employees could lose their jobs if the transition to electric driving did not happen quickly enough. This went wrong with the influential workers’ union that represents Volkswagen employees internally. After Diess’ earlier statements, the union said in October that the 30,000 job cuts are “absurd and based on nothing”. It was not the first time that Diess is at loggerheads with the employee branch. Last year there was also a tussle between the two parties. Then it was about possible cutbacks within Volkswagen.

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