“Volkswagen has internal report on racist advertising ready”

Volkswagen has completed an internal investigation in response to a racist commercial of the new Golf. According to Reuters news agency, the results of the study will be released later next week.

Last month, Volkswagen was criticized for a commercial in which a dark-skinned man is pushed from place to place by a huge white hand next to a Volkswagen Golf. In the spot, the letters of ‘the N-word’ could be seen in random order by the way ‘Der Neue Golf’ appears on the screen (screenshot). In addition, the tinted man with the Golf in Buenos Aires ends up at a building with a sign with “Petit Colon” on it. In French that means “little settler”.

Last month, protests went viral because of the clip, and Volkswagen quickly took the ad off the air. “The clip is disgusting and unforgivable,” said Volkswagen councilor Bernd Osterloh at the time. Later, Volkswagen admitted that it was a mistake and that the ad was indeed (unintentionally) racist. An internal investigation would follow in which the wrong decisions would be closely examined. That investigation has now been completed and will be presented once the Board of Directors has assessed the case. The board of directors usually meets on Tuesday. Chances are that we will know more early next week.

The commercial clip is via the New York Post to see.

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