Volkswagen ID4 GTX unveiled: the electric GTI

Volkswagen introduces a new performance label: GTX. This gives Volkswagen yet another indication to hang on its sportier models. The electric Volkswagen ID4 is the car on which the GTX designation debuts. This is the Volkswagen ID4 GTX!

Volkswagen has various badges on the shelves that it can stick on its sportier models. Like the R label, the GTI designation is used for sporty petrol versions. GTD and GTE are the GTI equivalents for plug-in hybrids and diesels, respectively. Volkswagen has now also come up with a three-letter combination for its all-electric ID models: GTX. Volkswagen introduces its GTX sports label by lifting the electric Volkswagen ID4 GTX onto the podium.

The Volkswagen ID4 GTX is the absolute top version of the ID4 range, which currently already consists of 148 hp, 170 hp and 204 hp versions. The first two always have a 52 kWh battery, the 204 hp variant is linked to the larger 77 kWh battery, which means that the ID4 can reach 521 kilometers on paper. What all known variants of the ID4 have in common is that they are all rear-wheel drive. This brand new Volkswagen ID4 GTX takes a different approach. Just like the 204 hp version of the ID4, the ID4 GTX has the 77 kWh battery in its bottom, but thanks to two electric motors, the drive takes place on both the front and rear wheels. The system power is 299 hp, enough to drive the Volkswagen ID4 GTX to a speed of 100 km / h in 6.2 seconds. Its top speed is 180 km / h and that gives the other versions of the ID4 limited to 160 km / h the check. That 299 hp powertrain also hangs Audi in the S version of the Q4’s e-tron.

Volkswagen ID4 GTX

Volkswagen ID4 GTX

It is obvious that the ID4 GTX, due to its more powerful powertrain, draws fewer kilometers from its 77 kWh battery than the 204 hp version. The ID4 GTX comes ‘over 300 miles’ on a charge. The 204 hp ID4 kicks it as mentioned to more than 520 kilometers. Incidentally, the twin-engine ID4 GTX can pull up to 1,400 kilos, the other ID4s can pull up to 1,000 kilos (braked). In theory, the front electric motor jumps in when the circumstances call for it, although you can force the ID4 GTX to make its mileage in a four-wheel drive condition using a new Traction drive mode. By the way, we are aiming for the Enyaq 80 RS iV, initially announced as the 306 hp strong top version of the Enyaq, to ​​also get this 299 hp powertrain.

Volkswagen ID4 GTX

Volkswagen ID4

No sporty model without a few design-technical adjustments. For example, the Volkswagen ID4 GTX has different-looking bumper work on both the front and rear. For example, the black ornaments placed next to the license plate have three LED lights and a larger part of the bumper is in body color. In addition, the ID4 GTX has its own light signature in the rear lights. For example, the brake lights have been given an X-shape. Of course, a series of GTX badges cannot be missed. The roof of the ID4 GTX is always in black, the same applies to the rear spoiler. Also in the interior, the ID4 GTX shows that it is not just any ID4. For example, the upper part of the dashboard, like the artificial leather upholstery on the door panels, is in the color X-Blue. Here too, along with a motley collection of red accents, we find GTX logos.

The Volkswagen ID4 GTX will be available at Dutch dealers from the summer. Prices will follow in the run-up to the market launch. Of course, the ID4 will not remain Volkswagen’s only GTX. The electric ID3 will also eventually be introduced to the new sports label, but the ID4’s more coupé-like brother, the ID5, which is yet to be revealed, is the next car to receive the GTX treatment. Volkswagen already shows the ID5 GTX covered with a psychedelic sticker sheet. Fun fact: the GTX designation is less new than you think. Volkswagen stuck GTX namely on the back of the Jetta II and second generation Scirocco (photo 23 and 24).

Volkswagen ID5 teaser

Volkswagen ID5 GTX

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