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‘130 km/h back is a bit of a tiring measure, just like abolishing it’

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This week in the podcast, Marco talks about his experience with the updated Skoda Octavia, which has all the boxes in the right places. Roy looks back on a conversation with the CEO of Skoda, who is clearly feeling good. The men also look at the provisional coalition agreement. Soon 130 km/h again!

In this episode we focus on the new Skoda Octavia, which actually has no real disadvantages and is not so popular in the Netherlands for nothing. It can do everything, if necessary at a high pace, but above all it remains a comfortable car for covering long distances effortlessly. Marco therefore had a problem typing his story.

The men also discuss the provisional coalition agreement, with measures for electric cars and an increase in the maximum speed.

In the so-called outline agreement, PVV, VVD, NSC and BBB have agreed that subsidies for both new and used electric cars will stop as of 2025.

The new cabinet does indicate in the agreement that ‘sustainability of the vehicle fleet will continue to be encouraged’. For example, the MRB weight correction will continue to exist. The parties do not forget the people who – for whatever reason – do not have an electric car. The new cabinet says that it ‘keeps an eye on the fossil driver’ and that it wants ‘a fair distribution of costs between both groups’. The parties want ‘the electric driver to contribute more fairly to keeping returns sustainable in the long term.’ The plans are – as the name of the agreement indicates – final, but their exact details are not yet finalized. That makes it an unclear whole. In addition, enthusiasm about the increase in the maximum speed is remarkably limited. The men find it a somewhat tiring measure and Marco foresees problems in combination with electric cars.

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