Volkswagen Multivan: spaciously equipped for less money than the basic version

Bulli Edition

Volkswagen Multivan Bulli Edition

Until recently, the plug-in hybrid Volkswagen Multivan was available in many versions in the Netherlands. These will all temporarily disappear and a special version will take their place. It fits well and is called Bulli Edition.

The Volkswagen Multivan (T7) is only available in the Netherlands as a plug-in hybrid. That doesn’t change anything. However, the Life, Life Business and style versions must temporarily make way for a special version called Bulli Edition. That variant has quite the stuff. For example, it has a third row of seats as standard, meaning seven seats, and it has 18-inch instead of 17-inch alloys as standard. But there’s more.

Volkswagen Multivan Bulli Edition

Volkswagen Multivan Bulli Edition.

The Multivan Bulli Edition has standard parking sensors front and rear, a reversing camera, climate control separated over three zones, a sliding table, keyless go ‘advanced’, Precrash Basic, voice control, the 10-inch infotainment screen including navigation, adjustable in 30 colors. ambient lighting, Lane Assist, Front Assist and an automatically dimming interior mirror. More pampering comes in the form of full LED headlights, an alarm, a panoramic glass roof, a high-gloss black strip between the headlights with chrome strip and lighting. Volkswagen also places badges with the name of the version under the A-pillars. A large number of these extras are normally part of the now standard ‘Top’ option package.

The Volkswagen Multivan Bulli Edition is available in the Netherlands from €59,990, making it even slightly cheaper than the basic version, which is currently not available (€61,830). The starting price of just under 60 grand applies to the Volkswagen Multivan in length L1 (4.97 meters). The longer Multivan L2 (5.17 meters) is also available as a Bulli Edition. It costs €61,260.

Regardless of the version chosen, the Volkswagen Multivan has a 218 hp plug-in hybrid powertrain that consists of a 150 hp 1.4 TSI petrol engine and a 115 hp electric motor. The 13 kWh battery should give the Multivan an electric range of about 50 kilometers.

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