Volkswagen sets up its own corona test sites

The Volkswagen Group hopes to quell a flare-up of the corona virus in Germany. That is why it sets up testing facilities itself.

All car manufacturers have already taken far-reaching measures to prevent the spread of the corona virus. For example, on the work floor, mouth masks and distance between employees are used. Ford, for example, already came up with a device that will buzz when you are too close to each other. At Volkswagen, they hope to deal an extra blow to the virus by offering its staff voluntary tests on a large scale.

Test locations are being set up at the production facilities of the Volkswagen Group throughout Germany. According to the main person responsible for the Volkswagen personnel, 2,400 tests per day should be able to be carried out, notes Automotive News on. The tests are voluntary, they say they want to remove uncertainties from the staff, especially now that another flu wave is approaching in the autumn. Undoubtedly, however, Volkswagen’s motivation is mainly to prevent factory closures.

The employees can walk through ‘containers’ in which personnel are ready with test materials. According to the group, these tests must give results within 24 hours.

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