Volvo calls on UN members to improve road safety equality

Volvo has traditionally presented itself as a brand that fights for the safety of road users. In that context, Volvo is arguing with UN member states for more global equality in road safety.

Over the years we have heard enough special cries from Sweden and we have seen inventions about road safety. One of the most recent examples is Volvo’s claim that in 2020 ‘nobody would die in a Volvo’ anymore. Although that goal has now been somewhat nuanced, the brand continues to work towards a safer future. At the upcoming WHO road safety summit in Sweden, Volvo is therefore arguing for a UN-wide approach to road safety.

According to Volvo, more knowledge must be shared within the UN between member states on road safety. Specifically, this includes, for example, advising developing countries on legislation on seatbelt use, but also on infrastructure. The separation of motorized traffic and vulnerable road users in particular often lags behind in developing countries. According to Volvo, much more knowledge can be exchanged in that area. Volvo wants to play an advisory role and look with Member States for ways to adapt national legislation and infrastructure for road safety.

This week, the third global ministerial conference on road safety will be organized in Stockholm, organized by Sweden and the WHO. At the conference, delegates from more than 80 United Nations member states will discuss the future strategic direction for global road safety until 2030 and beyond.

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