Volvo loses secret data in cyber attack

Volvo C40

Volvo has been the victim of a cyber attack, the car manufacturer reports. In doing so, the hackers managed to steal secret development data. Data from customers’ cars has remained untouched, according to Volvo.

Volvo’s press release shows that ‘a third party’ has penetrated one of the car manufacturer’s databases. Volvo does not say who that is, but the company does say that a ‘limited amount of research and development data has been stolen’. Furthermore, Volvo is vague and says that the cyber attack “may have an impact on the way of working within the company”, but what impact that will be, Volvo also does not want to say.

The car manufacturer says it has taken the necessary steps in response to the cyber attack to prevent unwanted access to its intellectual property. Volvo is currently conducting an investigation into the cyber attack itself and in collaboration with a third party. Customers’ personal data and data from their cars have not been at risk, according to Volvo.

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