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Wait even longer: Apple postpones Vision Pro and halves production

Apple has halved the production of the Vision Pro and postponed the release of the headset again. This is why we have to wait even longer for the glasses.

Vision Pro postponed again

After a long wait, Apple finally unveiled the Vision Pro last month. Apple’s first headset has been rumored for years, but due to production problems, the presentation of the Vision Pro has been postponed time and time again. That finally changed at WWDC, as Tim Cook reportedly insisted that the glasses be presented during the event.

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However, it does not seem that Apple has solved the technical problems with the Vision Pro. The Financial Times reports that Apple has reduced production of the Vision Pro in 2024, from one million to just 400,000 headsets. The release has also been postponed again, we can now expect the Vision Pro in the Netherlands at the earliest at the end of 2024. What is going on?

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Production problems at Apple

According to the report of The Financial Times production problems at Apple are again the reason for the delay. With two 4K micro-LED screens, an M2 and R1 chip and twelve cameras, the spatial computer is an extremely advanced headset. All these technical parts are difficult to make and slow down the production of the Vision Pro.

The parts take a lot of time to be manufactured and set up correctly. For example, all cameras must be extensively calibrated and 4K micro-LED screens are currently only rarely produced. The production of the Vision Pro therefore takes much more time, which means that Apple can produce less large numbers than planned. That in turn leads to a later release date.

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Vision Pro One also postponed

The production of the Vision Pro is therefore slower than expected at Apple. Behind the scenes, Apple is already working on a cheaper version of the headset, which is rumored to be called the Vision Pro One. Due to the technical problems with the Vision Pro, the release of the cheaper model is also postponed. This was originally planned for 2025, but will appear (much) later.

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Despite the delayed production of the Vision Pro, developers can already get started with visionOS. This operating system has been specially developed for the Vision Pro. Apple has now released the first test version of the new operating system for the Mac. Are you curious about the OS version? Read here how to install visionOS on your Mac(book)!

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