Watch Formula 1 cheaply: you can’t do it for free, but almost

Can’t wait to finally watch Formula 1? Then be well prepared and take advantage of this offer. It doesn’t get any cheaper than this, and the deal isn’t valid for long.

Formula 1: are you ready for the start?

From next week we will all be glued to the TV every weekend, because the Formula 1 season is about to start again! Sunday March 5 at 4 p.m the drivers press their accelerator in Bahrain.

Can’t wait that long? As of today, February 24, you can join Netflix for a brand new season of ‘Drive to Survive‘. In addition to the usual screeching tires, you get the drama from behind the scenes. There are episodes about the resurrection of Ferrari last season and different drivers, such as Daniel Ricciardo and Mick Schumacher. The best part, however, is that Max Verstappen has contributed to the series this year. But: where do you watch the Formula 1 races most advantageously in 2023? We have listed this for you below.

Watch Formula 1 in 2023: with Formule 1 TV Pro

As a true Formula 1 fan you cannot ignore Formula 1 TV Pro. You watch every grand prix live where you want. Curious about the race from Max’s car? You choose which driver you ride with and when you switch to a different camera angle, but you can also listen live with the team radio. On the rest days you can enjoy races from the past, documentaries or interviews.

You can take out a subscription to Formula 1 TV Pro for 7.99 per month, but that’s actually not such a good deal, because you want to watch the entire season, right? So quickly take out an annual subscription, because there is a special promotion running until 26 February 2023. Such a subscription now only costs 51.99 euros either 4.33 euros per month. One less coffee at Starbucks than. But be quick, because from February 27 the price will increase to 64.99 euros.

Watch Formula 1 TV Pro

Watch Formula 1 in 2023: with ViaPlay

In the Netherlands, the streaming service ViaPlay has the exclusive rights to broadcast Formula 1. You can stream the free practice sessions, qualifications and actual race live on your iPhone or TV. A team of experts is available in a studio before, during and after the race to share extensive analysis with you.

You alternate all Formula 1 races and meetings at ViaPlay with other sports such as darts and football. Tired of all that sportsmanship? Also for films, (reality) series such as Keep up with the Kardashians and informative documentaries come to ViaPlay.

If you take out a subscription now, you pay 15.99 euros per month. But ViaPlay also has a temporary promotion! You only pay 10.49 euros per month if you take out an annual subscription, or 125.88 euros per year. The promotion runs until February 28, so go (drive?) to ViaPlay with screeching tires!

Check out the ViaPlay promotion
Viaplay Formula 1 TV

ViaPlay at KPN, Ziggo and T-Mobile

Don’t want to hassle with streaming and different apps, but just zap to a fixed channel on the TV? If you are a customer of KPN, Ziggo or T-Mobile, you simply take out a subscription to ViaPlay through your provider. You then have ViaPlay as a channel on your TV where all highlights are broadcast, and of course also access via the app. Another advantage of this is that ViaPlay will appear on your provider’s invoice and you will not have multiple separate invoices.

You also benefit from an extra discount with many providers if you combine ViaPlay with internet, mobile and/or TV. Watching Formula 1 is therefore even cheaper! At KPN you get a combination benefit if you have entertainment and a mobile subscription. The benefit can then amount to 12.50 euros per month, with a discount of up to 7.50 euros on your mobile subscription and 5 euros discount on entertainment. You then only pay 8.99 euros per month for ViaPlay instead of 13.99 euros.

Do you take ViaPlay via Ziggo? Then you will benefit from a Vodafone mobile subscription. You will receive a discount of up to EUR 7.50 per month on your mobile subscription.

Finally, you can look at ViaPlay at T-Mobile, and you will receive a 50 percent discount there for the first month. Once the first month has passed, the subscription can be canceled monthly. If ViaPlay’s sports offer is not enough for you, also purchase ESPN Complete from T-Mobile. An additional advantage: you benefit from a combination discount of up to 6.49 euros.

  • View the ViaPlay offer at KPN
  • View the ViaPlay offer at Ziggo
  • View the ViaPlay offer at T-Mobile

Our advice: this service is most suitable for you

Not sure which service is best for you, Formula 1 TV Pro or ViaPlay? We provide quick advice. If you are only interested in Formula 1, an annual subscription to F1 TV Pro is by far the most affordable way to watch. That’s what we recommend for most people.

Are you also interested in other sports or series and films? And don’t you have many other streaming services yet? Then ViaPlay is really worth considering. For what you pay extra compared to F1 TV Pro, you also get a lot of other things back. And do you want to view and pay via your existing provider? Then you should choose ViaPlay anyway.

Have you made a choice on which service you want to watch Formula 1? Then check how you stream ViaPlay to your TV or F1 TV Pro via AirPlay, for example. In addition, we will show you how to watch Formula 1 on your iPhone. Fan of Olav Mol’s commentary? This way you can listen to it live during the race.

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