We already know this about the iPhone 16 (iPhone news #48)

The first really reliable rumors surrounding the iPhone 16 are slowly emerging. This and more was this week’s top Apple and iPhone news!

iPhone 16 Pro: all the rumors about Apple’s next top device

iPhone 16 features

It’s been a while since Apple released the iPhone 15, so we can slowly look ahead to the next generation iPhone. Apple will present the iPhone 16 next year, with the Pro models in particular reportedly getting new features. According to rumors, instead of the iPhone 16 Pro Max, there will even be an iPhone 16 Ultra, which is much more advanced.

We already know this

Police warn about NameDrop on iPhone (but what really happens)?

NameDrop safe

Apple introduced a new NameDrop feature with iOS 17.1 and watchOS 10.1 that allows you to quickly exchange contact information when you are near each other. But now the American police are warning about it. This is what’s going on.

Safe or not?

Cheap AirTags: these are the best alternatives for your iPhone

airtag alternatives

When you look at the prices of AirTags, it is noticeable that they are certainly not cheap. You usually pay around 35 euros for one of Apple’s smart trackers. That’s a considerable amount. Fortunately, there are also a number of cheaper alternatives that work just as well.

These are the best alternatives

iPad mini 7 is coming (with these new features)

iPad mini 2023 rumors

Apple is working on a new generation of the iPad mini, which we can probably expect next year. These new features – they’re more surprising than you think – are coming to the iPad mini 7!

Everything about the iPad mini 7

Google Maps’ New Look Is Awful (And Here’s Why)

Google Maps

Google Maps has started rolling out a new look for the popular mapping service. A number of striking, and not only positive, changes have been implemented. A former Google Maps designer himself thinks it’s a mess.

This is why Maps is a mess

Spotify Wrapped 2023: view your most listened to music of the year)

spotify wrapped 2023

The year is almost over, so that means it’s time for Spotify Wrapped again! If you have a subscription to Spotify, you can now see which songs, artists and genres you listened to the most in 2023. We’ll show you where to go.

Here you will find your annual overview

These are the best gifts under $10 for Apple lovers

apple gifts

December is all about giving (and receiving) gifts. These often do not have to be that expensive, especially not for dice games or surprises. Are you still looking for nice and cheap gifts for the holidays? We have some ideas.

Check our tips

Note: Bluetooth is easy to hack – especially on Apple devices

hack bluetooth

Newly discovered vulnerabilities in the Bluetooth standard allow attackers to hack into devices and intercept confidential data. And iPhones and Macs are especially susceptible to this vulnerability. You need to know this.

This way you are safe

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