Webnode: how to contact customer service?

Customer Service © © Tima Miroshnichenko / Pexels

Customer Service © Tima Miroshnichenko / Pexels

Are you a Webnode customer and need to contact support? Being able to count on reliable customer support is essential when embarking on the creation and management of a website. Website builder providers are aware of this and that is why they make sure they are always there to help their customers.

The web host Webnode has developed recognized website creation software: around the world, more than 45 million people have chosen it to create web pages and promote their activities. Launched in the Czech Republic more than 15 years ago, this competitor to Wix and the WordPress CMS offers an intuitive editor and numerous customizable templates.

By opting for a Webnode package, you gain access to quality web hosting, a free domain name for the first year (only in certain cases) but also qualified customer support. How to contact him in the event of a problem? What are the most frequently encountered problems? We take stock now in this article.

Why use Webnode customer service?

Are you having a problem with your Webnode website? Calling support is a simple and effective way to resolve it. There are many reasons to contact him: malfunctions of the website creation tool, questions about paid plans, difficulties configuring the online sales tool and many others.

Problems with the website builder

Most often, users contact Webnode when they have questions regarding the site builder tool. The articles available in this host’s knowledge base list a certain number of recurring problems. It may concern :

  • The choice of model and the modification possibilities offered.
  • Publication of pages on the internet.
  • Undoing certain changes on a page.
  • Adjusting site settings.
  • Saving a version of the content.
  • The use of third-party plugins.
  • Changing website code, etc.

Problems with the online store

The Webnode creator allows you to create a wide variety of sites, including online stores. When setting up their e-commerce, customers may have many specific questions. They concern in particular:

  • Activation of the online sales module.
  • Supported payment methods.
  • The integration of means of transport.
  • Selling digital products.
  • The premium feature test.
  • The creation of general conditions within the website, etc.
Computer problem © © Yan Krukau / Pexels

Computer problem © Yan Krukau / Pexels

Technical difficulties

By contacting support, you can also get help with technical issues:

  • Bandwidth issues.
  • Slow performance.
  • Faulty forms.
  • Pages refusing to load properly.
  • Bad user experience on mobile, etc.

Users may also have questions regarding:

  • Putting the site online.
  • Its SEO.
  • Its security.
  • Its deletion.
  • Configuration and management of domains, DNS, etc.

Payment and invoice issues

You can also get answers from the Webnode teams if you encounter a financial problem:

  • Updating payment information.
  • Monthly payment for a plan.
  • Invoice correction.
  • Refund request.
  • Package renewal, etc.

Support is also there to guide you if you need help choosing a plan, upgrading or downgrading, etc.

What tools to solve problems on Webnode?

Webnode provides a help center to its users. However, if this is not enough, it is possible to contact customer service using a form, an email or, for certain premium subscribers, by telephone. Note that the Webnode team cannot be contacted by chat.

Consult the knowledge base

The first thing to do before calling support for help is to try to resolve the problem independently. This is entirely possible by consulting the knowledge base offered on the Webnode website. Translated into 22 languages ​​including French, the latter lists a large number of frequently asked questions categorized as follows:

  • The customers’ Webnode account.
  • Payments.
  • The online store.
  • Domains.
  • Paid services.
  • The publisher and the content.
  • Webmail.

By clicking on each category, you access around ten recurring questions with clear answers, which only take a few minutes to read. It is also possible to use the search bar provided at the top of the screen to type keywords.

webnode Knowledge Base © © Webnode

Webnode Help Center © Webnode

Webnode has also created guides on a dozen topics. These contain between 4 and 60 articles. A video tutorial is also available to support users in creating their websites.

Submit a question via a form

People who have a Webnode account, whether linked to a paid plan or not, can ask the provider their questions using a form. You can access this tool by going to the bottom of the help center page or by clicking on the “Write to us” section available in the drop-down menu at the top right in the user account. Other accesses are also planned.

Webnode form © © Webnode

Webnode form © Webnode

To send a message via the form, you must indicate your name, the subject of the question, provide a detailed description of the problem and attach screenshots if possible.

Contact Webnode by email

In its contact page, Webnode also provides two email addresses:

  • For general questions, please send a message to info[at]webnode.com
  • For technical questions, please use the support address[at]webnode.fr

This option is preferred if you have not yet created an account with Webnode.

Access Premium Customer Service

Customers who have opted for the Mini, Standard, Pro and Business plans have access to premium support. The latter includes telephone assistance. It is also possible to call the Webnode team using the number provided in the premium plan registration email.

Learn more about Webnode customer support

Here are some additional things to know about Webnode support.

What are the support hours?

On its contact page, Webnode indicates that customers can ask questions to its teams from Monday to Friday. There is no additional information on the subject: we therefore do not know precisely what the team’s working hours are.

Customer Service © © Kampus Production / Pexels

Support © Kampus Production / Pexels

What languages ​​does the support speak?

Webnode also does not provide information on the languages ​​spoken by its teams. However, we note that the Webnode knowledge base is translated into 22 languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Swedish, Suomi, Turkish, Czech, Danish, Slovak, Magyar, Romanian, Danish, Greek, Croatian and Latvian.

What are the response times?

The Webnode website states that customer support makes every effort to respond within 24 business hours. However, if we are to believe the reviews listed on the Trustpilot site, this delay is much longer: many customers criticize Webnode for the lack of responsiveness of its teams.

In conclusion

To conclude, although Webnode is a reliable website host and editor, its support is unfortunately not at the level of that of certain competitors, such as Wix support, for example. There are relatively few ways to talk to the teams on this platform and even less information on current schedules, which is a shame. In addition, customers are not really satisfied with the help provided by customer service: its lack of responsiveness is regularly criticized. Webnode will therefore have to considerably improve its performance at this level if it wants to do better than the competition.



Webnode does just about everything right, without excelling at any point. Its editor and templates are decent, but everything lacks variety and customizability. No functionality allows it to stand out from the mass of services of the genre, which is regrettable. However, for a small personal website or a small business site, there is still a suitable website builder that is easy to use and offers the essentials.


  • Functional free offer
  • Offer of personalized email addresses
  • Reasonable price for the first price

The lessers

  • Limited features
  • Limited customization options
  • No marketing tools

See the offer

See the offer

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