What Apple computers and laptops are there?

Apple Mac computers and laptopsIn addition to iPhones and iPads, Apple also makes various computers and laptops. What are the options and which device is right for you?

Apple is nowadays mainly known for the iPhones and iPads. But the company started making computers years ago. It still does, Apple offers a number of different computers and laptops. When we talk about that, we’re talking about the Mac (plural: Macs).

Before we delve deeper into the different Macs, it’s important to know that a Mac has a special operating system: macOS. This operating system is developed by Apple and runs only on their own devices. The counterpart of macOS is Windows, from Microsoft. Apple’s operating system works differently from Windows. If you’ve always used a Windows computer, working on a Mac will take some getting used to.

Let’s take a look at all the computers Apple makes. They can be divided into two groups. The first group includes iMacs. An iMac is a computer and monitor in one. So there is no longer a need for a separate computer cabinet under the desk. The second group consists of Macs for which a separate display still has to be purchased.

The iMac is a slim all-in-one computer. It is available in two sizes, expressed in the diameter of the screen. One of 21.5 inches (about 54 cm) and one of 27 inches (about 69 cm). Sometimes different models of a certain size are on the market, increasing in price and performance:

  • iMacs:
    • 21 inch from about 1300 euros. This device is suitable for word processing, e-mailing and surfing the internet.
    • 21 inch Retina from about 1500 euros. This device has a better and sharper screen and more storage capacity.
    • 24 inch from around 1500 euros. This iMac is thinner than the other models and, thanks to the powerful M1 chip, can handle several demanding programs at the same time.
    • 27 inches from about 1900 euros. This device is faster than the most expensive 21.5 inches and of course has a larger screen.

For the 27-inch iMacs, they all have the same screen resolution. Because they are faster and have more storage capacity than the 21-inch iMacs, they are also suitable for people who do a lot of photo and video editing.

iMac from Apple

Then there’s the iMac Pro. At first glance, an iMac Pro differs from the regular iMac only in color. But looks are deceiving. The iMac Pro has even more powerful processors and more memory. The price tag is also different. At $5,499, an iMac Pro costs almost twice as much as the other iMacs. With this model, Apple focuses on the professional user. This device is not necessary for the average home user. They are better off opting for a regular iMac.

The cheapest model of the Apple computers is the Mac mini. It is for sale from 929 euros. But users still have to buy a separate monitor, keyboard and mouse. As the name implies, it is a kind of mini computer. As a result, the device does not take up much space. However, the small size also means that the Mac mini has less capacity than the other models. Do you use a lot of photo and video editing programs? Then choose another model. For ‘normal’ daily use, the Mac mini is a great option.

Mac mini from Apple

The Mac Pro is Apple’s most powerful computer. Just like the Mac mini, this is a separate cabinet, where users still have to buy a screen. With this computer, Apple is targeting the business market with people who use a lot of heavy programs. Think of designers, architects and developers. The device is actually overqualified for the home user. It is also by far the most expensive option of all Macs. The computer itself costs EUR 6,499.

Apple laptops are called MacBooks. The advantage of a laptop is of course that it is easy to carry. Do you want to use the computer in different places indoors and outdoors? Then a laptop is a solution. Apple has two types: the MacBook Air and the MacBook Pro. There were also other options in the past, but they are no longer sold.

As the name Air (English for air) suggests, this is the lightest variant of the MacBooks. The laptop weighs only 1.29 kilograms. The screen is 13.3 inches (about 33 centimeters in diameter). This laptop has to be light and compact, so it has few connections for other devices. The MacBook Air is actually in between a tablet and a laptop. It can be taken anywhere, yet it is versatile. This device is well suited for most common applications. The price starts at 1039 euros and goes up to 2259 euros.

The MacBook Pro is a more powerful variant for demanding applications such as intensive image and video editing. The Pro comes in two sizes; 13-inch (about 33 centimeters in diameter) and 16-inch (about 41 centimeters). In addition to the size, there are even more differences between these two models. The 16-inch has more storage space (up to 8 TB) and a faster processor. This ensures that the device is a bit heavier. The 13-inch weighs 1.4 kilograms and the 16-inch 2 kilograms. Logically, the price also differs. The MacBook Pro starts at 1239 euros.

MacBook from Apple

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