WhatsApp is working on a feature against stalkers – you need to know this

A new feature will soon be coming to WhatsApp that will give you more privacy and help protect you from stalkers. WhatsApp calls this ‘Alternate profile’.

WhatsApp is working on a feature against stalkers

It has been raining new features at WhatsApp lately. For example, we have already seen self-destructing audio messages, two WhatsApp accounts on one iPhone, sending photos in HD quality and sharing the screen during a video call.

And the end is not yet in sight, because WhatsApp is currently working on a useful feature against stalkers. This new feature is called ‘Alternate profile’ and makes it possible to set that strangers see a different name and profile photo than your contacts.

WhatsApp Alternate profile

Currently, if you limit the visibility of your name and profile photo in WhatsApp, strangers and stalkers cannot see anything at all. But with the new Alternate profile function it becomes possible to show something different. For example, it becomes possible to show strangers only a first name in combination with another photo.

whatsapp stalkers
This is the Android version. It is not yet known what the function will look like on your iPhone.

The information about this anti-stalkers feature for WhatsApp comes from the website WABetaInfo. The function will appear in two places: when setting the profile and when limiting the visibility of the profile photo. It is not yet clear when the new feature will be available to everyone.

Where does that leave WhatsApp for the iPad?

The beta version of WhatsApp for iPad has been available via TestFlight for a while. TestFlight is a service from Apple that allows developers to distribute beta versions for testing purposes.

The fact that a beta version is available indicates that the release will not take too long. Depending on how stable and smoothly the beta runs, we could see a final release by the end of the year.

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