WhatsApp stickers: ten funny sticker sets

In addition to emoji and gifs, you can also use stickers in WhatsApp. In the chat service you will find many stickers by default, but you can download many more. Which sticker packs are worth having? We list the 10 best.

Stickify Store

If you’re a bit of a movie snob, or just really into pop culture references, the Stickify Store a pack that you are sure to love. You get a lot of categories to choose from, but you can also create your own stickers here. You will find John Travolta from Pulp Fiction, but also the special personalities from MTV series Jersey Shore. You can choose cartoons, even more emoji, and even sticker packs based on country. Actually, this is not so much a sticker pack, but above all a whole virtual shoebox full of sticker sheets. That’s why we pick some favorites here so that you don’t have to install too many apps for using WhatsApp stickers. We’ll be back in a bit with more fun sticker sets from the Stickify Store.

Sticker set Whatsapp

Sticker Maker

Sticker set Whatsapp

Where you can make your own stickers in Stickify, you can do that in Sticker Maker (android and iOS) even better. This app lets you make stickers from photos. So, for example, you can show all your emotions with your face, or make a strange insect that you have photographed into a sticker. And, even more fun, you can surprise people you talk to by creating a weird sticker from their WhatsApp profile picture.

New Memes 2022 Sticker pack

Many sticker packs in the app store consist of a collection of one person, for example Mr Bean. Although that’s great if you’re a huge fan of something, we especially like the sticker packs that contain a more versatile range. A good example of this is New Memes 2022. For example, you’ll find the well-known meme of the toddler clenching his fist in a ‘yes’ way, or a sticker of actor Robert Downey Jr. who looks a bit disapproving. You can count on a multitude of emotions in this sticker pack, so that you always have a sticker ready for many conversations.

Clippy stickers

If you used Word in the 90’s/00’s, you probably know it. clippy was the highly animated paperclip that gave you tips on how to best use Microsoft’s word processing program. There are a few good answer stickers in there, such as a surprised Clippy, a check mark, a very nerdy Clippy and an insecure Clippy. Although, of course, we prefer to see him as we mainly know him: looking at you friendly with his cap eyes.

Sticker set Whatsapp

Donald Trump Stickers Pack

They’re a little bland, but the former President of America can pull such bizarre heads that it really only makes sense that one of them Donald Trump Stickers Pack is made for WhatsApp. Whatever emotion you want to convey, there is always a Donald Trump face to help you with that. With the Donald Trump stickers you can also choose between bodies, faces and random objects such as an American flag or a cap with the president’s election slogan on it.

Love Love by Amolika (Stickify)

Although most of the above stickers are quite outspoken and sometimes a bit negative, there is also a whole arsenal of sticker packs with cheerful or cute characters. For example, the Love Love sticker pack from Amolika, in which you encounter a simple doll that consists of only a few black lines. However, he always has a heart somewhere, which makes it a very cute figure, for example to put a heart to someone. You can find these stickers in the Stickify store.

Food Emojis from Emojify (Stickify)

Not everyone appreciates food with eyes equally well, but that might make it extra fun to poke fun at your partner when he or she asks again what you’re having for dinner. A nice fried egg, a box of fries or a movie with popcorn? You can always give a nice answer with the Food Emojis.

Super Mario by Asman Purwanti (Stickify)

There is a good collection of stickers from games, but rarely have we seen the Nintendo plumber express so much emotion as in the Super Mario sticker sheet from Asman Purwanti. Whether you want to show your heart to someone, or just laugh out loud, Mario comes to the rescue. One of our favorites is Mario hiding in a tube. Always useful if someone is angry with you, or if there is a discussion going on in a group conversation that you like to keep aloof from.

Sticker set Whatsapp

Happy Birthday from Sandy (Stickify)

This sticker set is a bit small, but it contains exactly what you want to say if you don’t want to waste too many words on it. The Happy Birthday collection does exactly what you would think. It’s a collection of stickers with the happy birthday wishes in English, which is ideal if you’re part of WhatsApp groups that like to enthusiastically wish each other a happy birthday.

IT Guys by Sofia (Stickify)

At Techzle we cannot avoid recommending a sticker set that has something to do with computers. Sofia’s IT Guys is not a very big set, but it contains funny and recognizable images for IT people and other people who use computers and laptops a lot.


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